Maine Snapshot Studio at Portland's January Greendrinks


Another month, another Greendrinks. Maine's Snapshot Studio was on hand to capture the fun at CIEE in the Old Port benefitting WinterKids, an organization that helps children develop healthy lifelong habits through fun, outdoor winter activities. Thanks to area sponsors like Allagash, Sebago, Peak Organic and Maine Mead Works, as well as hat, glove and coat donations from attendees, area children will be a bit warmer this winter. Interested in having this fun photo booth at your wedding reception or next event? Visit for booking details.

love notes


Love notes come in all forms expressing all sorts of sentiments: a classic hand-written letter or prose, a greeting card tucked away in a drawer to surprise its intended recipient, a Post-It with a scribbled heart at the end of a grocery list, an email with a secret salutation... The obituary below that ran in Sunday's Portland Press Herald, however, is the ultimate love note. Grab a tissue, read on, and then tell your partner out loud how much you care about them. We should all hope to be so lucky in love as Mary and Ken.

Mary Elizabeth Kittredge Jack
March 23,1932 - January 9, 2011

Dear Mary,

I have rarely written you in the 54 years of our marriage. We were never apart that much. Your death on Sunday, January 9th, 2011, has, for awhile at least, changed that. Leukemia took nine years to alter our lives forever. I'm supposed to write an obituary but please, think of this as a love letter my dear. Others can think of it as a letter of remembrance or whatever they want.

We met, you remember, in a small restaurant at the corner of State and Congress. Introduced by friends, when they left we lingered on. The Longfellow restaurant is gone now, so is the building. We dated and often went to Wassons Grove for hamburgers and sat at their picnic tables under the pines. That's gone too.

It was the summer of 1955 and you had just graduated from three years at the Maine Medical School of Nursing. You were class president, second academically, and had aced your state Boards. You were an RN. I was just out of the Army having visited Korea and Japan. You were pretty, smart, and fun. You had a nice family. I was hooked.

You grew up in the Willard Beach section of South Portland. The beach was your playground. World War II made for exciting times with the forts, the shipyard, and the weekly launchings. You had five brothers and sisters to play with you. You were the third of six children born to Elmer G. and Ruth Gavett Kittredge. You were born on March 23, 1932. Did you know it was a Wednesday?

You graduated from South Portland High class of 1950 and worked two years before deciding on RN training. You later worked at Maine Medical Center as an assistant head nurse. We were married in 1957 and after our first child was born in 1959 you quit to raise our family. We found we had more common interests than expected; books, classical music, antiques, boats, swimming, travel and camping. You were an officer of Maine's first dive club. You made pre-dawn breakfasts for the gang when they came to the farm to go hunting. You took to cooking, gardening and canning food. Impressive. I hope I told you that along the way.

I was trying to start a business with no money. You helped there, too. You kept your part-time job. We needed the money. Soon the boys were old enough to help and it became a family business as it is today. You-worked right alongside of us doing almost every job as the company grew to six branches and scores of employees. As a corporate officer of K.L. Jack & Co, you mediated meetings and kept us all in line as only a mother can. We could not have done it without you. Customers still ask, "Where's Mary?" I wish I knew. Wherever you are I'm sure they like you. People, dogs, and flowers always responded well to you.

We did have some fun. Remember? Europe was nice but you liked Canada better especially New Foundland, Gaspe, and the Cabot Trail. When we took our sailboat, "Runaway", south for a few years that was the highlight of my travels. You liked the Bahamas the best, I think. Your favorite was our 12,000 mile RV trip to see the USA. I'm glad we got to do that. I am enclosing the picture I took in Zion Park near the waterfall. You were 74 then ..... still pretty, still sharp, still fun, and still fighting leukemia. If only we could do that trip one more time.

Mary, I have a nice lot-at Pine Grove in North Yarmouth. It's as pretty as a cemetery can be. My parents are there. They really liked you. My father said I was lucky. There is even room for our boys if they are-of a mind to join us someday. Not soon, I hope. Our sons Christopher (Chris) and Lawrence (Gus) Jack are not far away in Greater Portland as is our grandson Ryan Jack. For your sisters Joan Fine in Massachusetts and Claire Greer in Florida it's a bit far. It's handy for Patricia Powers in Cumberland and your brothers Steve and Scott Kittredge in South Portland. I know they will visit often and not forget you.

I will never forget you, and especially our last words. You were too weak to move and had not spoken for hours, and even then, so softly. I was sitting by your bed holding your hand. It was just before dawn and I was struggling to stay awake. Weakly, but very clearly, you said, "Kenneth." I stood and leaned over with my ear near you. You said, "I love you," and raised your head and kissed me on the cheek. I turned my head. Your eyes were open and you had a quirky smile on your face. I said, "I love you too, Mary. I always have and always will."

Your grateful husband,
Ken Jack

Oh, P.S. We are not going to have a service right now. We will do it in the spring when the flowers are out. It will be a better planned gathering of friends and family. By then we may all be able to smile once again. We'll let everyone know when & where and perhaps you can be there too, if only in spirit, and we'll all share our fond memories of you. There are so many.

published: Seacoast Bride Magazine


We have the honor of having the cover image for another of the region's best wedding resources, Seacoast Bride Magazine. A stunning bouquet by Kate Martin of Beautiful Days taken at Whitney (of Gus & Ruby Letterpress fame) and AK's tented backyard wedding in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, last August is a bright pop of color during an otherwise colder than usual January. You can almost smell those sweet blooms!

Inside, a four page spread showcases some of the sweet moments and details of their fantastic wedding.

Later in the magazine is an image taken by Whitney (our photographer, not to be confused with the lovely bride above) of a unique bouquet from Cole Gardens that includes branches (top right).

The image on the far right in the middle row was taken by J and is from a cake by Let Them Eat Cake at a Laudholm Farm wedding.

And lastly, a favorite image from a fall wedding at the Newagen Seaside Resort of bride Amy and a baby blue bike.

on motherhood


It's been 12 days since Will was born, and our feet still have yet to touch the ground! My heart has never been so full or my reason for being so strong. It's really difficult to comprehend the gravity of this little life that we brought into the world and how our existence as just a married couple will never ever be the same now that we are a family.

Little Will has quickly shown us the importance of celebrating every little breath, glance, snuggle and success (I never knew I could get so excited over a burp!). His personality is oh-so-sweet and he has kind, soulful eyes that tell a story much more grand than measured by his first few days on earth. I can't believe how he has already changed since his birthday, somuchso that I find myself saying a lot "Slow down, Will, slow down!"

Please enjoy a few images of our little luvbug (many more on my Facebook page. Friend me if you're curious and want to peek at more!).

Snuggled at the hospital after getting weighed.

His first bath in our hospital room.

My mom (Nana) and stepfather (Grampy).

My nephew meets his cousin.

My best friend Kara and her husband Scott meet Will.

Settling in at home.

Will helps daddy set up his crib in the nursery.

Dakota isn't too sure what to make of our little visitor, but she does keep a close eye on him (here, on her dog bed with a receiving blanket from the hospital that we sent home the night before we arrived).

Tummy time.

Heading to our first check-up.

Our Little Will


William Pratt Sandifer arrived nearly two weeks early, at 1:52p on Saturday, January 8th. He weighed in at 8 lbs 2oz, and 20 3/4″ long. We’re totally in love!

William is after my cool uncle and late grandfather, and Pratt is my stepfather Steve's middle name and his mother’s maiden name. I’ve loved being named after my great grandmother Emilie and couldn’t think of two people more deserving of having a namesake as they don’t have any biological children of their own but mean the world to me. And besides, doesn’t Will Sandifer sound like the name of someone you’d want to be friends with? We think so!

The labor and delivery was quick (just 8 hours all together) and definitely the most difficult thing I've ever done (too quick for any pain meds! Woah!), but clearly worth the effort. I can't stop staring at our little luv bug! I'll post more pictures soon, but wanted to share our news now that we're back home and settling into life as a little family.

In the meantime, the hospital photographer and friend Sarah Moore captured some sweet moments of us on our first day. To view the photos, go to, click hospital visit, enter password: 0108william. Check out the amazing mohawk on our little Elvis (rightly so, being born on the King's birthday and all).

Clients, if you need anything at all, studio manager Nicole continues to work her regular hours at the office, Monday- Thursday 9a-5p. And if you want to come over for some baby snuggles, we can arrange that as well. We'd love to see you!

published: Real Maine Weddings


FedEx deliveries are always a highlight, made even more sweet this week when we opened a box revealing a stack of magazines staring back at us showcasing our imagery! Congratulations to 2009 Inn by the Sea cover couple Kelly and Wyatt (expecting their first in March!)!

Also featured in the magazine's trend spread are two of emilie inc.'s newest additions: custom paper products (Jeanna and Tyler's save-the-dates, lower left) and our Maine Snapshot Studio photo booth (lower right).

Two more of our images appeared on a spread featuring nautical inspired cakes (yum!)! Top left is from Jaime and AJ's 2010 Bar Harbor Pot & Kettle wedding and top right is from Erika and Mark's 2008 Spruce Point Inn celebration.

Real Maine Weddings is the only printed glossy dedicated to Maine weddings and we have loved working with editor Melanie to share images for this edition (and wish her well on her upcoming nuptials!).

20 years later


A wife, mother, daughter and best friend, Donna Briggs was my role model. With fiery auburn hair and a witty personality and fashion sense to match, you couldn’t help but have a smile on your face when you were around her.

20 years ago today Donna passed away from breast cancer. She was 43 years old. Diagnosed at 37 by a routine mammogram that showed irregular tissue, Donna had a mastectomy at Brigham and Women’s in Boston and began six months of chemotherapy. Celebrating with a big party when the cancer was gone, everyone was shocked when it returned a few years later stronger and faster. She had a second mastectomy, and later reconstructive surgery. The cancer had metastasized in her bones, however, and another series of chemo could not stop it.

I was just 12 years old when she died, very much aware of cancer’s cruel and unfair choosing. Her fight inspired me then and inspires me still, the motivation behind Pink Initiative’s work.

According to Emily Sacahr of Ladies’ Home Journal, the last two decades have seen improvements in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer — and in the amount of money being spent on research. What’s more, the breast cancer movement — the grass-roots efforts by women to see that the disease commands the attention of policy-makers, drug companies, and physicians — has burgeoned since Breast Cancer Awareness Month was born 20 years ago. The Internet has enabled women from far-flung locations to meet one another virtually and stay in touch, sharing critical information, advice, hope, and well wishes. At the same time, corporate America, from cosmetics chains like Sephora to Fortune 500 companies like 3M to smaller convenience store chains such as Wawa have contributed money, ideas, and products to help individual women and the breast cancer movement. Authors committed to breast cancer awareness have worked with publishers and TV stations to create huge events around the release of their books. And dozens of celebrities have gotten involved in projects as creative as’s Celebrity Talking Dictionary, which helps women learn to say and understand the complex medical terms they need to speak intelligently with their doctors.

“Twenty years ago people wouldn’t even say the words ‘breast cancer,’” says Nancy Brinker, founder of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, a leading advocacy organization. “While there is still more work we can do, we have come a very long way in the fight to bring awareness and early detection to top of mind.”

RIP Donna. xoxo

Moving, Part 3


Happy New Year everyone!! How did you celebrate? And, more importantly, how many of you have shiny new bling on your left hand? It's such an exciting time! At emilie inc., 2011 signifies many new beginnings for us as well!

We'd like to share with you a few images of the new emilie inc. home office and meeting room, located in Cumberland Foreside just 15 minutes north of Portland and a stone's throw from the water. Following the decision to close my studio in Portland's arts district and sell my house in South Portland in the fall, we have merged both at our new home and couldn't be happier with the move. We've already had several client meetings here and welcome you all to stop by and say hello.

My due date is fast approaching... just about two weeks to go! Studio manager Nicole will continue to work from our home office Monday- Thursday 9a-5p throughout the winter fielding phone calls and inquiries, arranging meetings and generally overseeing things on a daily basis as she has done in the past. Tho I don't anticipate working the same hours through the winter as we get settled with our little guy, I will certainly be available to assist with anything she might need. I'll resume taking portraits in the spring as wedding season begins again.

Thank you all for your friendship and support! We're eager with anticipation over here and will be sure to share the big news soon!!
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