Vegas, baby


Five years ago I met my sweet J on the trade show floor of the largest convention for wedding and portrait photographers, WPPI, in Las Vegas (no joke, 12,000 attend from around the world!). He was working for my studio's online proofing system, Pictage, at the time and had been my account rep for several years. I purposely stopped by the Pictage booth to introduce myself and thank him for being so kind, and wouldn't you know, the rest is history.

In the years as a couple since, I always enjoyed playing the baby "name game. " We liked the idea of incorporating some sort of tribute to the place where we met, but Paris and Bally or Vegas just didn't have the ring we were after. :) Fortunately, little Will liked our thinking as well and was born on Elvis' birthday. There are plenty of links to Vegas via Elvis, and so he spared himself from being named Bellagio (kidding, of course).

Returning to Vegas each year for the convention has been a treasured tradition, retracing our steps and visiting the same spots we did when we first met. I've even had the honor of speaking at the trade show and teaching a master class on branding. WPPI is taking place this week, however, and naturally we decided it wouldn't be a good idea to bring a six week old on a plane across the country to a smoky, crowded hotel. So J is there representing liveBooks (where he has worked for the last four years), and Nicole and Whitney are attending for emilie inc. Nic and Whit are taking classes, sitting in on lectures, walking the massive trade show and rubbing elbows with the best of the best at invite-only parties and dinners. Fun! Missing everyone and wishing I was there, but very content to be snuggling with my little Elvis by the fire instead.


  1. What a sweet story, Emilie! I dare say snuggly baby time is worth staying home. But just barely. ;)

  2. Love this. I missed the show because I had a shoot out there the week before. I was shooting interiors for my baby sister who also shares Elvis's birthday. Thank your husband for me as I also have a livebooks website, they rock. You were singing my tune here on so many levels!

    Have a wonderful week, they do not stay small long.
    :-) Kelley

  3. Susannah Gill1:29 PM

    Oh I had no idea that is how you two met! See, face time pays off! So cool and the fact that little Will was born on Elvis' birthday- amazing! WPPI was great this year for us (brought Greg this year!) and now we have 2 running to do lists, the things to do for baby list and the things to do for the business list! Both roughly have a 7 week time limit- so we are kind of rushing around but very motivated and inspired on both lists!

    Cheers to you, J and baby Will!

  4. Emilie, now that is a cute story :) Thanks for sharing.


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