Maine Women Wedding Photographers spring 2011 luncheon recap


Earlier today Maine's best women wedding photographers met for our bi-annual lunch at Vignola in Portland. Just before lunch we visited Cindy and Randy at Body of Work in South Portland for a brief training session to learn some stretching and core exercises to help us better prepare for lifting our gear and the long days on our feet photographing weddings. Cindy has been my personal trainer for the last five years and I definitely give her all the credit for helping to keep my body strong for this physically demanding profession. It was a fantastic afternoon! Thanks for coming, ladies!

published: Maine Magazine


If you live in Maine, Maine magazine is a staple on your coffee table or in your beach bag. Formerly Port City Life, it's now owned by the same folks who publish Maine Home + Design each month (another favorite). I know people who subscribe to these magazines and don't live or even vacation in Maine, but love the fresh design and catchy content (without being too overloaded with ads and boring bits usually found in local mags).

Their May issue is devoted entirely to weddings. We were happy to share Anna and Owen's Migis Lodge wedding when they invited us to be featured and think the finished result- especially the sweet honor of having that back cover spot- is a beautiful representation of our state.

anniversary art


Two years ago, J and I were toasting our newly married status with 23 of our close friends and family on a villa's rooftop deck as the sun went down in St. John. Oh! What we wouldn't give to be back there this very minute!

As much fun as the wedding planning and hoopla surrounding our destination wedding was, I'm very grateful for having been wide-eyed throughout that process to know that it is what happened after our vows were exchanged that matters most. It's something that I chat about often with the couples whose weddings I have the honor of photographing... be careful not to get swallowed up in the event that you forget what happens the day after!

On good days and bad days, too, I am reminded of our commitment to one another and view our anniversary as a day to hit pause, to remark at where we've been and look forward to where we're going. To remind us of this important annual milestone, we've decided to adopt the tradition of friends Megan and Mike Clouse who ignore the traditional anniversary gift guidelines (paper, cotton, etc)., and instead purchase a piece of art each year. Our new house is a blank canvas and we love the idea of seeing daily reminders of our journey as a couple- badges of accomplishment- peppered throughout these four walls.

Last year, we framed two prints from Caneel Bay Resort where we spent a mini-moon after our wedding (and indulged on that private dinner for two pictured in the bottom poster). We hung them at the top of the stairs just outside our bedroom door and passing them- be it with a load of laundry, tip-toeing to check on the sleeping baby or with a cup of coffee to peer out the windows and watch the snow swirl- truly makes us smile. This year to signify our new role as parents, we decided to place an order for a custom piece for Will's nursery. I'll be sure to share it when it arrives.

Lots of love to you today and always, J. xoxox

Will's first Easter


With so many vivid Easter memories from my own childhood, it was a bit surreal to dress Will in his first Easter duds today (a cutie monogrammed ensemble that just barely fit!). Will received his first Easter basket and later "participated" in his first egg hunt. We've been excitedly ticking off so many firsts lately that a conversation with a friend recently reminded me that this isn't just Will's first Easter but the start of our family's traditions. So true! How do you and your loved ones celebrate today?

Seacoast Bride and Real Maine Weddings magazine editors visit Maine PUG


Mary Jo Brown, publisher and creative director of Seacoast Bride Magazine, and Melanie Brooks, editor of Real Maine Weddings Magazine, visited our monthly Maine PUG last week to share a glimpse into the behind the scenes workings of their locally loved wedding magazines.

Both walked us through the process of how featured weddings are chosen, how the layout is decided upon and even a bit about advertising spots. We spoke about how they got started and where each hopes to grow their publication in the future. It was fascinating to learn how different each woman and her staff work but yet how similar they are in that they both adore their job and the beauty of weddings and wedding photography.

Thanks to all for such an open and candid evening of conversation!

Melanie, left, and Mary Jo, far right.

Photographers, mark your calendar for Wednesday May 18th when two local lawyers and an accountant will join our group to answer questions on contracts, trademarks and bookkeeping.

Little Man Will


Photographing our son, I've learned, is quite a challenge. I most definitely understand now why the cobbler's son has no shoes! When I'm not tending to motherly duties it's rare that I'm able to spend more than a millisecond with camera in hand thinking about composition and such before he needs me again or his attention has shifted to something else. We have hundreds of images of him, but I'd qualify them as snapshots not portraits. It's a sad irony, really, and makes me somewhat envious of my portrait clients who are spoiled with my full focus. Isn't it strange that as a professional photographer I fear we need a professional photographer to capture our little family?

So here are a few recent snapshots of our little man Will for your viewing pleasure (if we're friends on Facebook, there's a ton more there).

Featured on The Knot LIVE


What a special treat to be included on's live web series showcasing Liana and Michael's spectacular wedding in the Berkshires from last Fall. Take a look (after the men's clothing segment, toward the end of the webcast) to hear Liana explain some of the details of the day as our photos scroll. Neat! Look for their wedding in the print edition of the magazine on newsstands this June as well.

Maine Women Wedding Photographers spring luncheon


Twice a year I have the lucky task of organizing a group of Maine's most talented women wedding photographers (70 strong!) for an afternoon of what we gals do best (next to our stellar photography skills, of course): gabbing and eating! We gather in the spring and the fall, sandwiching wedding season with fantastic support of one another's businesses and inspiration to last the rest of the year.

Professional lady photogs: If you're not on our list and would like to be, please email photo [at] emilieinc [dot] com to request an Evite. We'd love to meet you and have you join us!

Here are the details:

In addition to our usual lunch, personal trainer Cindy Gotts of Body of Work in South Portland will be leading a complimentary group session to share some strength training exercises and stretches so that we may all be better prepared for carrying our gear and help soothe those aching muscles after each wedding this summer.

On Thursday, April 28th, we will start at Body of Work, 161 Ocean Street in South Portland, at 11a and then we'll head across the bridge to lunch for our 12 noon reservation at Vignola at 10 Dana Street in Portland.

Please check your inbox for your invite and note in your RSVP if you will be attending both the training session (comfortable street clothes are fine) and lunch (we'll have individual checks and will order off the regular lunch menu). Associates, assistants and office staff are welcome. Please RSVP no later than Monday, April 25th. Look forward to seeing everyone soon!

No joke


We woke up to a blanket of snow on April 1st. You got us, Mother Nature! April Fools' Day (which supposedly first began with Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in 1392!) also happens to be my birthday. Yes, I have had plenty of pranks played on me throughout the years but mostly, I find it extra special to have my birthday on a date associated with such fun and laughter. Did anyone play a joke on you? Do share!
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