anniversary art


Two years ago, J and I were toasting our newly married status with 23 of our close friends and family on a villa's rooftop deck as the sun went down in St. John. Oh! What we wouldn't give to be back there this very minute!

As much fun as the wedding planning and hoopla surrounding our destination wedding was, I'm very grateful for having been wide-eyed throughout that process to know that it is what happened after our vows were exchanged that matters most. It's something that I chat about often with the couples whose weddings I have the honor of photographing... be careful not to get swallowed up in the event that you forget what happens the day after!

On good days and bad days, too, I am reminded of our commitment to one another and view our anniversary as a day to hit pause, to remark at where we've been and look forward to where we're going. To remind us of this important annual milestone, we've decided to adopt the tradition of friends Megan and Mike Clouse who ignore the traditional anniversary gift guidelines (paper, cotton, etc)., and instead purchase a piece of art each year. Our new house is a blank canvas and we love the idea of seeing daily reminders of our journey as a couple- badges of accomplishment- peppered throughout these four walls.

Last year, we framed two prints from Caneel Bay Resort where we spent a mini-moon after our wedding (and indulged on that private dinner for two pictured in the bottom poster). We hung them at the top of the stairs just outside our bedroom door and passing them- be it with a load of laundry, tip-toeing to check on the sleeping baby or with a cup of coffee to peer out the windows and watch the snow swirl- truly makes us smile. This year to signify our new role as parents, we decided to place an order for a custom piece for Will's nursery. I'll be sure to share it when it arrives.

Lots of love to you today and always, J. xoxox


  1. We love you and are honored to have shared that day -- and so many more -- with you. Looking forward to seeing the new art!

  2. I'm so happy that our 11 years of marriage and art collecting have inspired you two! Happy Anniversary from your California friends.


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