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While a friend was sharing some of her recent photographs at a dinner party, the host remarked "My, you must have a really nice camera." She turned to him and replied, "This dinner is wonderful, you must have really nice pots."


While it is easy to invest in the latest photography gadgets and gizmos, run an action or two in Photoshop and call it good, there is so much more depth to being a professional photographer and creating imagery that's well composed, correctly exposed and captures a thoughtful moment in time. The folks who acknowledge this difference- that it's not just about the tools but the one who is pushing the shutter- will sustain in an industry that's currently trending an all time low threshold of entry and rapid turnover. Gotta have the chops!

Two months from today, a group of individuals passionate about the craft of making meaningful images will gather on Cape Cod to share their experience, knowledge and heart with a lucky group of photographers who will learn to not just take a picture, but make one that matters. In the news realm, this is called photojournalism- documenting for historical value. Fortunately this has carried over into wedding photography and instead of stop-and-pose-for-the-camera candids, brides and grooms are reliving their wedding through a fly-on-the-wall approach that does not interfere with the natural flow of their wedding day. It is a skillset not inherent but something that one must learn to understand and practice often.

Roots Workshop, the Cape Cod experience mentioned above, was created as a way to teach wedding photographers this style of shooting. But there's no mention of wedding photography at all during the workshop. Instead, photographers are armed with lessons of photojournalism's greats- Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eddie Adams, Walker Evans, Robert Capa, and on and on- as they navigate documenting "news" feature assignments in this approach, telling the stories of Cape Cod's Baseball League, a lobsterman, a theatre camp, etc. through unobtrusive photographs. It doesn't matter what the subject, this style of shooting transcends from brides to baseball.

Guided by the instruction of some of the country's best photojournalists- including a newspaper editor and college photojournalism professor- it's an experience like no other that truly transforms all involved for the better. And have I mentioned the location? A classic Cape compound on the water complete with our own personal chef! Listen to what last year's participants had to say below.

We have two seats left. Won't you visit to learn more? Registration officially closes this Friday, May 20th. We hope to see you on the Cape soon!


  1. Wish I could...maybe next year. Heard nothing but great things.

  2. Ahhhhh. I heart ROOTS. I get emotional just thinking about it.

  3. If you're on the fence... call me. I'm serious. Whatever level you are technically doesn't matter here. This workshop is all about the content... and you can't buy that in any camera store or glean it from any online chat group.


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