meet Megan, our new studio manager


I met Megan last fall not long after she had moved to Portland at the suggestion of a mutual college professor. Having just completed her master's degree in photography at my beloved Syracuse University, we had an easy conversation about what brought Megan to Portland (love!) and how she was looking to spend her time (photography!). She grew up in Seattle, earned her bachelor's degree at Bowdoin College and circled back to Maine to be with her beau (also named Jay, not to be confused with my J) after her graduate studies in central New York. I asked her to stay in touch, and invited her to join us for our monthly professional photographer (PUG) meetings and bi-annual women's luncheons. She has and it's been a pleasure getting to know her.

Nicole recently let me know she would be leaving (sniff, sniff) and Megan quickly came to mind as the perfect candidate to fill Nicole's shoes. Fortunately for us the timing couldn't have been more perfect: Megan was just wrapping up an internship at Aurora Photos stock agency in Portland (the very same internship Whitney had when she came on board with emilie inc. three years ago) and was able to overlap for a few weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

So now when you call or email the studio you will hear a different voice on the other end of the phone or signing your emails. Please say hello and introduce yourself! Megan has been learning about all of you and looks forward to our busy wedding season, which starts with four weddings this weekend!

Welcome, Megan!

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  1. Best of luck, Nicole! It was always fun getting your emails.

    Welcome, Megan! Hopefully we cross paths at another get together soon.


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