* Lindsay and Steve marry at the Governor John Langdon House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire


photographers: J and Steve
photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio
venue: Governor John Langdon House Portsmouth, NH
wedding coordinator: Leslie Barbini The Wedding Belle
officiant: Julie Slayton Frank
caterer: Mizuna
florist: Flower Kiosk
music: Luke Lanigan Music Man DJs
cake: Wild Orchid Baking Co.
hair/make-up: Salon Sabeha
tent: Marshall Event Rentals
gown: bride's mother and grandmother's dress
honeymoon: Tanzania

Lindsay and Steve found emilie inc. by way of an internet search and came to visit with us during a snowy (and by snowy I mean blizzard!) winter's day while visiting the seacoast for a planning weekend from Chicago. They sat with J for a long while as the snow danced about outside and shared so much about their life together and their vision for their wedding day. We both fell in love with them and I was so excited to see how beautifully their day came together. It was also the first wedding that Steve, a new assistant photographer for us, worked as well as our new studio manager Megan, who manned the photo booth for the evening. It was a full on team effort and I am so pleased with the results.

How they met, in their own words:
Steve and Lindsay met for the first time on the 15th floor of the Feinburg Pavilion - a cardiac telemetry floor – at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. Lindsay was interning as a hospital chaplain for the summer and was making her “rounds” for the very first time. She walked into room 1552 and nearly ran into the patient who was about to walk into the hallway dressed in two hospital gowns (the second one to cover his bum)! She noticed he was younger for a heart patient and pretty darn cute. And then she got nervous.

After their near collision, Steve invited Lindsay into his room to learn more about the pastoral services she said she was offering. And thus began a series of visits of which Lindsay became paranoid that the nurses on the floor would notice how often she was visiting Mr. Baker.

After the third visit Steve knew there was no way he could leave the hospital without finding a way to keep this person in his life. So he did what any guy talking to a beautiful woman would do. He asked for her number.

They bartered an email address since it was against the rules to date a patient. "Date?" Steve asked. He told Lindsay to slow down. “I only wanted to talk about God,” he joked. But it was then that she almost dealt him a fatal blow. "I must be honest with you. I am seeing someone," she said. Not wanting to believe it, Steve replied, "by seeing someone, do you mean The Lord?"

After Steve was discharged they exchanged some emails. But Lindsay had to write to him that she couldn't see him for professional and personal reasons.. She spent about half an hour composing that three sentence email.

On the last day of her internship at the hospital that summer a chaplain-friend said to Lindsay, "So, are you going to call your patient now? Technically, you could get that coffee." She had just turned in her lab coat and was once again single. "Maybe I will," she said.

About a month passed. And then one weekend Lindsay just couldn't get Steve Baker out of her mind. So Monday morning she wrote an email to Mr. Baker - you know, just to check in and see how he was doing. "God told me to email you today," she wrote. With the post script "P.S. I'm no longer a chaplain."

Steve was with his work buddies when he received the email on his iPhone. “No Sh*!,” he said. “It’s the chaplain!”

Three days later they had the first date to end all first dates.

Smiles abound as both Lindsay and Steve readied.

Fantastic textures for a few bridal portraits on the way to the ceremony. Don't forget that dress is from the 50's. Beautiful, isn't it?


This walkway took our breath away in the office as we edited. What a stunning way to make an entrance!

Love all those arms.

Lighting a memorial candle for Steve's sister.

We hadn't seen this before- everyone holding hands during the ceremony.

Stolen glances.


First moment alone.

The ring bearer is a pro in the making... taking pics- and checking his work- during the formal portrait session. Guess he didn't like what he saw and wanted to try again. Too cute!

While taking this portrait...

This happened.

Sweet moments around town.

If this were me, I would want a huge canvas of this in my house. Love everything about it!

First dance.

Everyone getting down (we even spy wedding planner Leslie at the DJ booth!).

Notice anything unusual about someone in this picture??

We don't ask questions, just document what happens.

And some of our favorites from the photo booth.

Siblings, you think?

They brought props!

Best kind of date.

Sweet family picture.

Speaking of sweet! Oh my goodness!

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  1. Nice job, J! This looks like such a beautiful wedding with a fun couple. Love the First Moment Alone and the Portrait shots of them around town. More than one canvas moment!


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