* Portland, Maine, anniversary portrait session of Missy and Ben


Tho I have worked nearly every day since Will was born (it was a busy off-season... prospective client or album sales meetings, new staff transitions, general catch-up from last year and planning for this year, networking, etc), I purposely took a long maternity leave from shooting. Those first months with a newborn, I was warned, fly by and I felt it was best I soak them up as best I could. And so now, five months later (holy cow!), I feel good and ready to resume making images of things other than just the little cutie pie in my life.

Missy is the sister of Christine, a bride whose wedding we traveled to photograph in Ohio last July, and who was vacationing with her husband Ben in Maine last week for their 10-year wedding anniversary. Missy surprised Ben with a portrait session at East End Beach at sunset. Their first time away from their children in seven years, these two were downright giddy to be spending time alone exploring a new city and taking in the cool salt air. Their connection was infectious, as was their up-for-anything attitude.

I hear they had so much fun in Maine they are actually casually looking at job opportunities here! Come on over! The more the merrier!


  1. Oh lovely lovely Maine..how I miss thee! Lol! Thanks Emilie for a really fun first night in Portland and memories for a lifetime in these beautiful photos.

  2. Got to love the Eastern Prom. My favorite is the dock shot with the full reflection of everything in the image. Nice.


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