* Martha's Vineyard wedding at Aquinnah Lighthouse and Captain Flanders House of Liz and Julian


photography: emilie inc., Emilie and J
wedding planner: Kate Parker, Kate Parker Weddings
bridal preparations: Harbor View Hotel Edgartown, MA
ceremony: Aquinnah Lighthouse
officiant: Melina Cruz, friend of the bride
reception: Captain Flanders House Chilmark, MA
caterer: Jan Burhman, Kitchen Porch
tent: Sperry Tent
florist: Kate Parker Weddings
ceremony/cocktail musicians: High Range Band
band: Sultans of Swing
cake: Val's Cakes
videography: Julie and Alex, Elysium
photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio
hair: Lena Hartford, Hair That Moves
make-up: Joanne McDonough, Joya Beauty
gown: Vera Wang
stationery: Gus & Ruby Letterpress
honeymoon: Bermuda

Having not yet met Liz and Julian during the planning process as they live in New York, I was eager to get to the Vineyard to finally see these two, and was happy to have the opportunity to photograph them and their wonderfully friendly and fun guests at their rehearsal and welcome dinners before the big day.

And what a day it was! It started off a bit gray and worrisome, but cleared to be a most glorious bright summer day for their outside ceremony at a lighthouse overlooking the cliffs of Gay Head. Later guests enjoyed a relaxed reception at the nearby Captain Flanders House under a tent on the lawn featuring a raw bar, bluegrass and rounds of corn hole during the cocktail hour and beautifully emotional toasts and a fantastic foot tapping packed dance floor late into the evening. I was captivated by their gentle interactions and go-with-the-flow attitude at all points throughout the day. The best weddings are the ones where the bride and groom dive in and have a grand time, and Liz and Julian did a fine job setting the pace for their guests to follow.

So settle in to read their movie-worthy first meeting and preview a mountain of images from the day they became husband and wife. More images on our Facebook page.

How they met, Julian's version:

It was the last weekend in September 2005 and I was in the midst of moving from DC to Wilmington when Jon invited me up to New York for the weekend. I had just moved the day before and was a bit reluctant to hit the road again but Jon made a pretty good case and mentioned that one of Marcy's friends was having a birthday party on Saturday night.

The party was in a bar on the upper east side called The Back Page. It was actually in the basement of the Back Page (I think Jon claimed that the basement was way more exclusive). As soon as we walked into the bar, it was already pretty crowded and Jon spotted one of Marcy's friends, Liz Wiener... Jon introduced us and I was immediately smitten. I remember asking her "So, is this your birthday party?" She said "no" and then Jon, Jeff and I moved toward the bar. I remember thinking this first interaction went really well. I actually thought it went well enough to justify following her around for the rest of the night. That decision took me all over the city as Liz was in her cab hopping phase. So, I ended up following her to 2 other places after the Back Page so that I could further impress her with more uninformed questions.

It was a long night and we talked for a long time after the cab hopping and I can honestly say that I knew pretty much right away that she was the One. In fact, the next day, Jeff and I were walking through a street fair on Lexington avenue and I told him "I'm going to marry that girl." The next couple of months were spent on the phone with her during the week and visiting on the weekends. I knew that it was only a matter of time before we would be in the same city and planning the rest of our lives together.

How they met, Liz's version:

It was September 30th and I was getting ready to go to a friend's birthday party. I remember feeling a little nervous as I was getting dressed but wasn't sure why. I could not for the life of me decide what to wear and I remember thinking "why am I stressing so much about this?!" (Perhaps a little psychic premonition!). Jon told me that a friend or two of his from high school was MAYBE coming into town that weekend, and he was MAYBE going to bring them to the party (I stress the maybe because if anyone knows Jon or Julian or their friends, they really don't make plans more than ten minutes out). By the time Jon and his friends got there it was crowded and late so I never got the chance to get formally introduced. When Julian and I first started talking, I wasn't aware that he was Jon's friend...it was clear that he wasn't so sure of who I was either, since his first words to me were "Hey, Happy Birthday!"

From this point on, Jon kept telling me that Julian was interested in me; I later learned that he was telling Julian the exact same thing about me (matchmaking "Saved By the Bell" style). We ended up going to another bar together after the party ended. Jon and Marcy "mysteriously" disappeared along the way with the rest of the group and Julian and I found ourselves together with my friend, Erin, and Julian's friend, Jeff. After last call, we all went back to my apartment (don't worry, this is PG!).

I of course assumed that Jeff was also an old friend of Julian and Jon's from home, and I asked Julian if they'd all gone to high school together. Julian gave me a quizzical look and casually said that he'd never met Jeff before, and wasn't sure how he had followed us to the bar after the party. This of course was not true, but it nearly gave me a heart attack because by the time Julian dropped this little gem, Jeff was whizzing around in a shopping cart at full speed in our apartment.

There happened to be about 15 people staying at my 3 bedroom apartment that weekend so Julian and I ended up sitting on the kitchen floor talking for rest of the night until we dozed off around 8 a.m. I remember watching him sleep and thinking how tired I was, but I didn't want to close my eyes because I didn't know when we'd see each other again. I was smitten.

Julian left that morning to head back to Delaware, and we talked a few times over the next week over IM (his favorite medium I quickly learned). I ended up having an extra ticket to see U2 in concert the following weekend, and asked him to join me. Thus we had our first date, and we've been together ever since!

PS-In case you're wondering what happened to Jeff that first night- he slept in the bathtub. We're still not sure where he got a shopping cart, or how he managed to smuggle it into our apartment at 4 a.m.

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  1. I'm nostalgic for the Vineyard, my old stomping ground! Beautiful wedding. Love the shot with the guys holding the parasols.


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