Roots 2011- Day 2


Day One. All sorts of chocolaty goodness. As is tradition the first day begins with all sorts of lectures and presentations - history of photojournalism, working a scene, ingredients of a picture story, taking care of business, ethics... all the good stuff. There's no shortage of information dispensed. It's all about planting little seedlings of ideas so that we can grow our Roots this week.

After the morning's lectures [and a delicious lunch... thanks again, Audra] we all headed out to the Barnstable County Fair for shooting exercises. We tackled the things discussed during the lectures, worked on building our own stories... so much fun, incredible character studies. No shortage of awesome. It's true.

After the fair we wined and dined and settled into critiques. As I'm writing this, the instructors are all huddled around together dishing out this year's assignments. This year we have some really amazing assignments... can't wait to share them with you :]

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