Roots 2011- Day 3


Day two is our first day of assignments. This year there are some many fun adventures everyone is out on! The day started bright and early, with everyone out meeting and exploring their new subjects. After a while of solo expeditions, the mentors started poking their heads in to check in, chat, and offer advice and guidance. I first popped in on Rachel mentoring Kelly. Kelly was charged with the task of telling a story at Day's Cottages. They are a collection of small sea shanties that have been hosting some of the same extended families for over 70 years! Crazysauce...

Next stop was Whit. Mark also showed up to lend a hand. Whitney is staying with a husband/wife who are extremely accomplished [and elderly] Cape Cod artists. They were quite possibly the most endearing pair I've met... how charming!

Denise was shooting the dress rehearsal for a local children's theatre production of The Jungle Book

Then to Sam and her hardbody of a subject at a world famous surfboard shaper studio.

Then I finished off the day at the Hole in One donut shop. Yuuuuuuumm. They sent us home with some snacks :]

Upon our glorious return to the Roots Home, we ate and jumped right into the critiques. Sure, they contain intense moments, but often they are full of mirth as well.


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