Roots 2011- Day 4


More incredibly awesome assignments to share with you today. I went around to visit 6 students today... all documenting some amazing Cape Cod stories. You really should come visit. We have so much fun... and holy crap you should see everyone growing. More on that tomorrow but yikes. Watch out industry, you're about to have your assumptions challenged...

First stop of the day was out to see Ruben and watch him telling the story of an adorable 4-H camp. I have a hysterical story about his relationship with the pigs... but that's for another post.

Straight from the animals to the farm... this is no ordinary farm, however, it's a hydro... uh.. aqua..ponics? Yeah, that sounds right. Aquaponics. Fish generating the nutrients and that water used for growing the food and plants without soil... just water! At least that's what I could gather from my brief time there. It was really cool. Christina has been there for two days telling the story and I showed up right as Mark poked his head in to offer some feedback.

From Christina I went to visit our very own southern belle, Lucy who was tasked with finding a story at the local community center. It is a massive place with the potential for thousands of little stories... she was working out on the ice rink when I stopped by...

From water to water... though a little less solid. Jeff is working on his story about an extremely old, yet still operating railroad. There's a nice shot with a beautiful reflection to be made, but, well, it takes some hanging out in a leech field for an hour or so. We do what we have to do for the shot. Truth.

Maria was tasked with a pretty sweet assignment... skydiving. Basically shooting people either freaking out or in permagrin. Good times. She even was up in the teeny teeny plane shooting some really unique angles. I wasn't around for that part but from what I hear it's a very er... open experience

So after seeing all those awesome faces, I went to visit Kelly again and the cottages - the quintessential Cape Cod - and Tyler was there hanging out lending some feedback and guidance. The light was lovely, and incredible breeze off the water - a wonderful end to an intensely hectic day. All in good fun.

Everyone's in the critiques now, so that's where I'm going to to hang out for a bit. Before I fade into the ether... until tomorrow, don't make crappy pictures!

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  1. Oh how I would love to do one of your workshops someday:)


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