Roots 2011- recap


We are back to reality (or at least trying to... I unpacked my suitcase only yesterday!), and I'm elated to share with you the final slideshows of the week. The spirit of the students and the body of work each produced surpassed anything I could have imagined for this summer's Roots Workshop. Everyone worked so hard, spending long hours each day at their assignment and keeping an open mind each night during their group critiques. Huge thanks to Triple Scoop Music for providing the music for each of these slideshows.


Kelly Benvenuto photographed Days Cottages in North Truro, a 23 identical cottage community that brings back repeat vacationers the same week year after year. This particular week some of the longest-running renters were there, having visited at the same cottage for the same week since the 30's! Kelly was accepted lovingly as another member of the beach family.

Whitney Fox was assigned to photograph mega-Cape artists couple Robert Henry & Selina Trieff in their home in Wellfleet. The tenderness between these two as well as their quick wit and zest for life is an honor to witness in Whit's intimate photographs of their daily life.

Maria Fernandez traveled to us all the way from South America. She enthusiastically accepted her assignment to photograph at Cape Cod Skydive, tho she was admittedly terrified! Tethered to an instructor while up in the jump plane, Maria faced her fears and captured some emotionally gripping imagery.

Samantha Bohall photographed Shawn Vecchione, a native Cape Codder who has made a name for himself shaping custom surf boards in his Orleans shop. When he's not shaping, he's in the water or spending time with his sweet daughter.

Lucy Parker was the winner of the Facebook contest sponsored by Pinhole Pro for a free seat to the workshop! She was a welcome addition to the week and fit right in! She photographed at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center, an enormous new attraction for young and old alike, offering a range of activities to appeal to the hundreds who visit each day during the summer.

Tracey Buyce brought her hunger to learn to the Hole in One donut shop but learned so much more than the practice of the only remaining hand-cut donut operation on the Cape. She carefully captured the relationships among the regular patrons, both young and old.

Christina Wnek returned for a second time to Roots, looking to further her learning and fine-tune her technical skills. Matched with E&T Aquaponics Farm, she photographed the simple process of growing plants and fish with a quiet respect, teaching us all how fragile and powerful farming truly is.

Ruben Parra also traveled to the Cape from South America, enchanting everyone with his accent and determination to master better English and the chaos at 4H Camp Farley. Exploring around camp, Ruben was a mini celebrity with children calling to him by name and wanting to play with him at every turn.

Jeff Mosier came to us from New York City and was smitten with the Cape Cod Railroad's slower pace and kind clientele. He worked so hard to "get the shot," running on the tracks from an oncoming train and even submerging himself into chest-high water as it passed.

Denise Farwell closes this year's show, quite literally, with a brilliant peek at a long-standing children's theater, the Harwich Junior Theatre. A busy scene, Denise worked hard to slow it down and capture the essence of this historic place and its talented little people.

Congratulations everyone! I am oh-so proud of you all!

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