* Samoset Resort wedding of Blair and Andrew in Rockport, Maine


photographers: Emilie and J, emilie inc. photography
venue: Samoset Resort, Rockport, Maine
planner: Kate Parker, Kate Parker Weddings
florist: Kate Parker, Kate Parker Flowers
officiant: family friend
ceremony musicians: Krysia Tripp
reception band: Flipside, Murray Hill Talent
dessert: Market Basket Rockport, Maine
videographer: Morgan, emilie inc. photography
photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio
hair: Kim Doll, Exquisite Hair Design, Rockland
make-up: Beauty Mark Spa, Camden
gown: Rivini, Nitsa's Apparel, Charlotte
honeymoon: Kenya and Tanzania

The first thing I noticed when I met Blair and Andrew and started listening to their families and guests was everyone's warm southern drawl. Out of place, but so welcome in Maine, the sweet accents shared stories of how nearly all of their 200 guests traveled to Rockport and their adventures along the way, as well as toasts (and roasts!) about the couple at the rehearsal dinner the night before. It was the perfect introduction to a most fun wedding day.

After the ceremony they scrapped some of the formalities (no dinner toasts or cake cutting) and got right to the fun stuff, including a custom curtained-off section of the ballroom to house our photo booth (this group is known for getting a bit rowdy in photo booths we hear!) with props that many donned throughout the night on the dance floor, right through the "lobster claw" send-off at the end of the evening.

A healthy handful of the day's highlights below!

Andrew and his father, the best man.

L-o-v-e seersucker suits!


Time for cocktails after portraits.

This tugs on my heartstrings!

Stunning modern decor by Kate Parker.

Powering up for the reception. Ha!

Andrew takes his love of Maine very seriously.


  1. What a FUN wedding!!!!

  2. Snazzy shoes, spiffy seersucker, five hour energy shots, foam lobster claws-what more could ask for?!...Oh that's right, moustaches, of course! Love it!


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