* Foxfields Farm in Bar Harbor, Maine, wedding of Sara and Kyle


photographer: Whitney, emilie inc. photography
venue: Fox Fields Farm, Bar Harbor, Maine
coordinator: Lindy Stretch
officiant: bride's cousin
caterer: Derek Wilbur, Fiddler's Rendezvous Southwest Harbor, Maine
florist: Lindy Stretch, Foxfields Flowers
band: Jim Ciampi Band
cake: Morning Glory Bakery, Bar Harbor, Maine
make-up: friend
hair: New Image Salon, Bar Harbor, Maine
tent: Wallace Tents
lighting: Ambiance Lighting
gown: Vows, Watertown, Massachusetts
invitations: Crane
honeymoon: Martha's Vineyard

Sara and Kyle were married in Bar Harbor, their favorite spot to retreat to every summer for some R&R with their pups Skylar and Spike. They hosted a casual wedding on the water for 150 family and friends led by Sara's cousin and their pups as ring bearers. After cocktail hour on the lawn, guests dined and danced under a tent enjoying yummy local fare and a sweet cake with figurines of a bear and deer on top, the couple's nicknames for one another (awww!).

How they met, in their own words:
Five years ago while living in Denver, Sara was heading off on her first business trip after becoming a new dog owner. At the recommendation of her manager she brought her German Shorthaired Pointed, Skylar, into the B+B for D.O.G. Being fully prepared with printed instructions, all of Skylar's bedding and her favorite toys, a nervous Sara walked through the front door and found an handsome, calm, blue eyed man sitting on the other side of the desk. He immediately put Sara at ease and made her feel comfortable about leaving Skylar who would bunk with his dog Spike to comfort her.

The next day Sara's manager Laurie came in to drop her dogs off. Kyle referred to Sara as cute two times in their conversation, but Laurie acted as cool as a cucumber and never acknowledged Kyle's comments. However, the second she got into her car she called Sara to let her know that Kyle thinks she is cute. (Yes, think grown women behaving like 12 year olds).

Over the next several months there was lots of flirting and friendly phone conversations between Sara and Kyle, but given the setting of their meeting neither made a move.

Finally, Sara knew they had to interact outside of picking up and dropping off at doggie daycare. So, she threw a backyard BBQ just for the purpose of casually inviting Kyle to the party. Let's just say, he attended, there was a lunch date a few days later, that turned into a dog walk, that turned into meeting friends out (longest first date ever), that turned into many dinners, many dog walks, meeting the parents, moving in together, getting in graduate school and moving across the county together. And here we are in Boston our own little family Sara, Kyle, Spike and Skylar.



  1. Anne Pomeroy6:56 PM

    The pictures are GORGEOUS, as were the bride and her family! Love reliving it... keep the pix coming!
    Anne Pomeroy

  2. I still enjoy looking back at your wedding, Sara and Kyle! I love the shot of four-legged Skylar posing dead-center of the wedding party-she clearly felt she needed to be included :) And I'm so happy the ring shot was featured on the With This Ring wedding website. Say hello to your families for me!


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