* Meaghan's Maine senior portrait session


I have regularly sworn left, right and center that I will never photograph senior portraits. I abhor the "glamour shot" trend I have heard they have become with hair, make-up, multiple outfit changes and props. And, remembering myself in high school, would rather not deal with the awkwardness and drama. Nope. No way. No, thank you!

Ooooooh, but guess what happened?

I shot a senior portrait last week and I didn't hate it. Actually, I quite LOVED it! It was for the daughter of a family near and dear to my heart- they lived next door to me in my hometown. I saw each one of their three children through diapers and my sister or I spent many high school nights baby-sitting one or all of them. They are now beautiful grown adults- heading to, in or recently graduated from college. Tho I still feel like I am the same as those times we all piled on the treadmill together to see how fast we could go in tandem or stuffed ourselves silly with Smartfood and episodes of "Doug," we clearly have all aged and it was so special to have an evening at the beach house in Wells to catch up and capture a special time in Meaghan's life as she begins her final year of high school in Hollis, New Hampshire.

There were no props. No outfit changes. No attitude. Just f-u-n and up-for-anything smiles at the camera (which I had to pull away multiple times and marvel at the young woman in front of me, so easily recalling when, as a young tot, she wound chewing gum around and around her head and ice nor peanut butter would ease the new styling product save for a pair of scissors!).

So where is this going, you might ask?

I can't say I won't say no to another senior portrait request. If you're fun. And so long as you don't want to pose with your guitar.

Good luck to you, Meaghan! Can't wait to follow the exciting year ahead! xo

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  1. Beautiful family. As usual, nice job, Em.


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