September PUG agenda


A year and a half ago I was approached to lead a monthly group of local wedding photographers who also use Pictage, the online image hosting and professional lab I have used since 2003! I gladly accepted and opened the group up to all photographers, not just wedding photographers and not just photographers who use the Pictage service. We've had round-table discussions with magazine editors, commercial and stock photographers, other top notch wedding industry vendors, lighting and gear demonstrations, and even legal advice. I am proud of the range of topics covered and depth of information shared with our close knit community. I am also insanely busy and therefore will be passing the torch after next Tuesday, my final meeting as host.

Photographers: Months in the making, we're so happy that Justin and Mary Marantz will be joining us from Connecticut on September 6th at 7p to discuss tips for attracting and booking clients like you. A perfect pep talk as we head into the fall booking season! Please RSVP asap as this meeting will be limited to 25 people.

Look forward to seeing you next week!

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