* Camp Hammond wedding of Hillary and Scott in Yarmouth, Maine


photographers: J and Denise, emilie inc. photography 
venue: Camp Hammond, Yarmouth, Maine
caterer: Black Tie Co., Portland
florist: Stem Design (Hillary's business)
dj: M&M Entertainment
cake: Black Tie Co.
invitations: Jessica Watkins and Hillary
honeymoon: Cabo San Lucas

Scott was the tallest person I knew in high school. The student council president and stellar athlete, Scott had a knack for being successful at anything he tried and to boot, is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. When I moved to Portland seven (gulp) years ago, he was literally one of two friends I knew in town. He took me under his wing and made me feel right at home, helping me find a place to live and keeping my social calendar busy checking out the local eateries and happy hours. An architect and realtor, I later bought my first home with his guidance. We still remark how surreal it was to be sitting at such a formal financial transaction with someone I knew from when school pep rally preparations used to be the most pressing business at hand.

To my disappointment, Scott took a job in Boston a few years ago. Boo for me, but hooray for the opportunity to meet Hillary!! It makes my heart so happy to know he's with someone who adores him every day. J and Denise were designated to do the wedding day honors and I loved seeing it all unfold as I edited with a huge grin across my face. The cheery color palette, the clever favor mercantile, and hello, the high kicks! Congrats, friend. xo

How they met, in their own words:
Hillary and Scott met while working on a hotel project on Nantucket in 2007. It was intrigue at first sight when their eyes met in conference room 4E. Hillary was the strong woman in charge of wrangling floor plans and timelines. Scott was the tall dark and handsome new recruit at New England Development ready to unravel a project all ready deep in the weeds. Several years of friendship followed as well as an economic meltdown that allowed Hillary to travel away from Boston and visit friends in Europe and her sister and brother-in-law who live part of the year in Panama. Scott kept tabs on Hillary's adventure through her blog, to which she is convinced he was the only reader.

Scott, meanwhile, was starting to wake up to the fact that any strong independent woman capable of surviving a winter visit to Rangeley, Maine, involving 3 guys and an outhouse as well as standing up for herself and happy to unwind the day with a glass of whiskey was someone he thought he should get to know a bit better.

A January 2010 visit by Hillary back to Boston provided the opportunity to test navigating the complicated path between friends and partners. Both were relieved at the ease with which this transition took place. We haven't looked back since--it has been forward, forward, forward. Together.

Why Maine?
Neither of us are originally from Maine, but we both love it there. Scott lived in Portland for almost 10 years and remains homesick for its laid back casual elegance. Camp Hammond seemed like a nice place to have a casual wedding that offered an the outdoor atmosphere while also having a building to run into in bad weather or for the groom's father to escape the loud music kids listen to these days. Our ceremony will be unique in that all of our siblings are participating: Hillary's sister Heather is the MoH and Hillary's brother Ethan and Scott's sister Heather will be leading the actual ceremony. 


  1. the photo of the grooms leg over his head is impressive and hilarious!

    a sweet post!


  2. Holy high kick -- the groom should be a Radio City Rockette. Agreed, impressive and hilarious!

  3. Hillary10:30 AM

    J and Denise, thank you so much for doing an amazing job. We love all of the photos and loved your humor and ease throughout the day. We are forever grateful.


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