Creative Ways to Say I Love You contest


My earliest memory of entering a contest was in second grade, a homonym contest. You know, words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings, like write and right. I recall loving the challenge, researching (the old fashioned way, at an actual library, even thumbing through a dictionary) and amassing hundreds of words- a list so long I had to piece together sheets of notebook paper with tape and hang it from the ceiling. I don't remember what the actual prize was, but I do remember that top-of-the-world feeling of satisfaction when I learned I had won.
In that go get 'em spirit that contests often draw out of us, we're hosting a little one of our own and invite anyone to participate in the fun. And the prize? We promise you won't forget it.

Starting today through November 15th, we want you to show us a creative way to say I Love You. Be it a love letter to your spouse, a message scribbled on a steamy shower door, a note tucked into a lunch bag or something less literal- a home-cooked meal just because, a stroll at your favorite place, an object that carries a lot of meaning or just a story. Or maybe you like to go over the top and perform a song, a skit, organize a flash mob or propose to your girlfriend on camera at the beach. Whatever it is, we want to see it! Remember, creative is what we're after.


Part 1: 
1. Create a video that is 40 seconds to 4 minutes in length that shares a creative way to say I Love You. Use any video camera available to you- there are no extra credit points for using the fanciest camera or having snazzy editing skills. Your phone camera is just fine.

2. Upload your video to YouTube and title it "Maine wedding photography: emilie inc: your names here"
ie: Maine wedding photography: emile inc: Hillary and Scott

3. Let us know you have entered by liking the emilie inc. Facebook page and linking to your video's url with this status message: Check out this creative way to say I Love You.
ie: Check out this creative way to say I Love you. 

4. All submissions must be posted by 12 noon on Tuesday, November 15th. No exceptions.

Part 2: 
On Wednesday, November 16th, await further instructions to be posted on our Facebook wall at 12 noon.

Part 3:
Following part 2, the winner will be announced!

Things we love for showing us your love:

First place: 16GB iPad2 (WiFi only) with handmade DODOcase

Runner up: Angela Adams pink Dotty mini rug

All participants: Just for entering, you are eligible to receive $250 off your custom album order (for past, current or contracted clients of emilie inc. only)


Contest is open to anyone and everyone and is not limited to emilie inc clients (emilie inc. staff, however, cannot enter. Sorry gang!). So go ahead and tell your mother, your best friend, your neighbor or your mailman. Everyone seems to have access to a video camera these days, so please go hog wild. We'd love to see a ridiculous number of entries! With so much negativity headlining the news, let this be a bright spot in your day and circle back to our Facebook page to see the most recent entries. We're hoping the videos of love will bring a smile to your face just as it does in our lives photographing weddings and itty bitty babies and families. There is no cash value for the prizes, tho you may transfer your prize to someone else if you are crazy enough to not want it for yourself.

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