* Family portrait at Great Island Common in New Castle, New Hampshire


Being a new mom (Will is already 9 months this week!) hasn't changed how I approach portrait sessions, but it has made the experience of documenting other people's little families all the more sweet. Wearing your favorite dress (even if it doesn't match the rest of the family) and keeping those band-aids on from your doctor's appointment earlier (badges of honor, of course) are minor but important memories of this moment in time in Alice and Val's daughters' lives. And the promise of time on the playground and your favorite green flip flops when it's all over? Even better! I fell in love with this family and our session at New Castle's Great Island Common, a perfect place for portraits with delicious light, expansive views, sand, rocks, grass and last but not least, swings! Enjoy their slice of life.

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  1. Wonderful family moments. Favorite shot is with one of the girlies upside down. And what luscious locks they have-jealous!


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