Maine Women Wedding Photographers untraditional fall luncheon


Let's be honest. Wedding season is insanely taxing on the body of a wedding photographer. I carry a camera on each shoulder, plus a camera bag with additional lenses, flashes, spare batteries (oh those Canon batteries are brutally heavy), typically totaling 35lbs+. For 8 hours straight? Oy. I enjoy the physicality of the profession even if it means working with a personal trainer (which I unfortunately was not able to keep up with this season for the first time in years. I felt it! My little 25 lb bruiser kept me training at home instead!) and keeping an osteopath in business.

The last of our women photographers' networking luncheons, we decided to ditch the lunch part, and bring in the big guns to reward our hard work. I Do Spas is a traveling in-home spa service!! Word on the wedding street is that these gals are fabulous for bridal parties, bachelorette parties and gatherings for no specific occasion, and we wanted to see for ourselves. To better refer our couples, of course.

Well! What a treat it was to watch my home be transformed into an aromatic zen zone. We supplied some delectable yummies (homemade Ghiradelli scones? Thank you, Megan!), mimosas and music (Pandora's Spa Suite Radio is fantastic, if you haven't already discovered it for your own bubble baths), and they brought everything else. Literally, right down to the fluffy pink slippers, pjs and robes! My bedrooms became massage rooms and my living room a nail salon, with two pedicure bowls bubbling and a manicure station. We each rotated through three 30-minute services, and had a hard time saying good-bye to Jody and her delightful staff when we reluctantly shifted back into weekday mode and resumed a normal, albeit very relaxed, work day.


  1. Thank you so much Emilie, we had such a wonderful morning. What a treat it was to provide services for you all. Good times <3

  2. Thanks again, Em. Great idea, so much fun! I'm telling my friend who's getting married about I Do Spas.


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