The season's blessings


I'll be the first to admit I turn into a downright sap this time of year. Something about shorter days, pulling on bulky sweaters, fireside chats and sipping hot tea gets me feeling nostalgic, nesty (is that even a word?) and simply fortunate all at once. Thanksgiving is perfectly timed for this ritual, and this year feels especially sweet.

Snuggling baby Will, I recall where I was at this time last year... literally a week away from closing on our new house (and hence a recent rush to finally purchase some art and get some photographs framed on our walls, for goodness sake!) while feeling as big as a house, but happy and healthy. This Thanksgiving we are hosting our family, something we had visualized when we first saw the house. Tho I'm mostly just craving pumpkin pie, J and I have planned a great feast and look forward to clinking glasses with our loved ones as we enjoy every morsel. We have much to be grateful for.

In addition to all that is obvious, I will be toasting to my Nana's health on Thursday. Last Thursday she had a lumpectomy and doctors are hopeful she may not need to undergo anything more demanding after being diagnosed with breast cancer last month. Breast cancer at 86? Where is that cure? As our friend Mike, husband to breast cancer survivor (and Pink Initiative board member Megan), said: "F-ing cancer! Leave grandmas alone!" I concur!!

Last Thursday also brought some more good news! My bestie Kara (we met on our very first day of college) birthed twins, Jackson (Jack) Louis and Campbell Emily (she clearly was on too much pain medication and misspelled Campbell's middle name. Ha!). Seven weeks early, these little peanuts combined weigh what Will did at birth. I've never met such tiny little people before, but had the chance for a quick visit in the NICU in Boston yesterday. Small in stature but, oh, so beautiful and absolutely perfect, I am am in awe of Kara and hubby's Scott's determination and strength. Congratulations, friends, and welcome J and C. We're all praying for your continued growth and a happy homecoming real soon.

Kara at her shower in Harvard Square two weeks ago.

And now, a mom! 

Jackson's hand reaching up toward mom. Oh, melts me.

Can you believe the size of that pacifier compared to Campbell's little head?


Back in her room, Kara and hubby Scott.

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