Fall family portrait with Anna Kuperberg


Happy New Year everyone!! With the holidays- and everyone's holiday cards and gifts safely delivered- I can now start posting the portrait sessions I was busy with during the fall without the fear of ruining any surprises. First up, lucky you, you get to see my own little family!

Aside from a photo taken of us with Will at the hospital, we don't have any portraits of us together. Crazy, right? It's a bit like the cobbler's children with no shoes. With me or J always behind the camera, we each have nice images with our son individually, but never anything all together. Growing a bit too envious of my portrait clients, it was high time to be a little selfish and turn the camera around.

We asked Anna Kuperberg to do the honors. An insanely gifted photographer based in San Francisco who I first met when we both taught at the Foundation Workshop in Texas five years ago, Anna was in Maine to photograph a wedding and spent a morning with us. Like you, I fussed over what we should wear and was the house clean enough. And wouldn't you know, Will just wearing a onesie was the most perfect and it rained (!) making our usual sun-drenched abode dark and not as warm or inviting as usual, but just right in some strange way anyway. I appreciated Anna's positive attitude and creativity as she sought out interesting light and backgrounds. We even spent a bit of time outside in the woods behind our house dodging raindrops and sogginess underfoot.

What I learned is that the details, the logistics, really don't matter. We could have been anywhere and the portraits still successfully capture our love as a family unit, and the littleness of little Will. Anna gave us a gift we'll always treasure- the laughs and silly expressions we know and love about Will, a keepsake of our family from this moment in time for always. The image of Will's chunky legs, for instance, which have already started to thin as he grows taller and more active, is an instant family classic. Surely it will definitely reappear one day in his wedding slideshow, no? And for me, it was a welcome break to just be a mom and enjoy being together without the constant urge to have my camera on my shoulder.

Below are a few of our favorites. Be sure to check out Anna's blog post to see a few more, too (and bookmark her dog blog, Slobberspace, too, if you're in the mood for some four-legged adorableness). Hugs and thanks, Anna, for these beautiful images and for helping to set-free a little of my mommy photographer guilt.   


  1. Oh how I adore these photographs..... stunning...

  2. I feel so lucky that I got to see this lovely family in person this weekend.

  3. Wow, Emilie and J, your photography is amazing but Will is hands down your best work of art! He is so darling!!!! The 3 of you make for such a beautiful family! Anna K is a photographer I admire so much, like you, so it was so interesting to see her work of you guys!

    I hope you had an amazing holiday!

  4. julie Snider10:57 PM

    Breathtaking is all I can say... love you three and miss you

  5. Oooh, those are just wonderful!


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