Imperfect perfect family portraits


When I was little, we had a family portrait taken every year. I don't recall liking it until I was old enough to understand that outfit changes were actually fun, sometime by the tween years, I'm sure. Before that I had a scowl in every family portrait and it wasn't just from the super bowl cut I was sporting. I definitely didn't want to be told what to do, and honestly, is there any other time in a child's life when the pressure is on to be as adorable as possible on demand? Because in real life, wasn't I always?

Lifestyle portraits lend themselves to capturing real life, in all its unpredictable candid awesomeness. From the attempted formal poses that often illicit the most protest from even the cutest three year olds, to the more relaxed playful "playdate with a camera" posture, you never quite know how it's going to go. And for me, that's what keeps it interesting and always up for the challenge. Thanks Justin, Jess, Nate and John for the invitation. xo

When a formal pose turns into tickling baby brother's toes. And gathering the children together on the arm chair just isn't what one had in mind. Somehow the imperfect portraits always end up perfect anyway.

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