Little Will turns 1


Something entirely crazy happened earlier this week. My itty bitty baby boy Will turned one. ONE!

"Long days, short months" someone once described a baby's first year and I completely agree. In so many ways I feel like we were literally just rushing to the hospital to meet our little luvbug and in others those painstakingly exhaustive nights seem all too clear (who am I kidding? Will still doesn't sleep!).

In 365 days our little bundle went from just a blob (new moms, have you read Jenny McCarthy's Baby Laughs? Entirely crass, but so much of it hysterically relatable) to a little nearly walking, babbling being who is wide-eyed and curious about his surroundings, delights in spending time with people, new noises, things that go on and off, his dog (especially when she licks his fingers), trying new foods, going for adventures, splashing in water, clapping those adorably chunky little hands and our favorite- snuggles! He's a total mush, and gosh, his kisses (which often result in knocking foreheads when he's extra eager) and the way he can curl his body into mine make all the hard stuff fade into the background. We are head over heels in love and so, so lucky to be blessed with such a special little guy.

When discussing the approaching big numero 1 milestone, there was no question there would be a little shindig. And yes, we know he won't remember his first birthday party. But first birthdays are as much for the parents to celebrate making it through the first year as it as about the child marking the official day, are they not? The night before, J and I shared a bottle of wine as we worked together to poof the tissue paper poms recounting our favorite stories from the pregnancy, the labor & delivery, and Will's first year. We're not entirely sure how we ever considered our life to be full before he was here, but there's no question he has made us both better people, a better couple and taught us more about love than we ever imagined.

Happy Birthday, little bean. We love you more than you know and can't wait to see what's in store for year #2 (perhaps a little more sleep, pretty please?!).

The party invitation by Dwell Studio for Tiny Prints.
Our little off-the-charts birthday king (felt crown by Lori Savage with ribbon back so that he can wear it year after year). Tissue paper poms by Pom Decor. Paper hats from Pinwhirls. Mini pb&j's and other eats by Aurora Provisions. I think tulips might be my favorite flower. After hydrangeas. Or maybe tied. To me they symbolize happiness and fresh beginnings. Vintage paper striped straws from Polka Dot Market. Individual pints of milk (yes, that's blue milk- blueberry!) in glass bottles from Smiling Hill Farm. Growing up, we had a Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday banner we pulled out for every family member's birthday. I bought flag bunting (from Starlit Nest) to start our family's tradition and borrowed my sister's ritual of displaying greeting cards on the mantle, a happy focal point in our house. I hung a print from each month on the refrigerator (naturally where the most important artwork goes, right?). Will's music teacher Matt led Will's little guests in a singalong. Insanely adorable (ie: playlist). Then we went outside... ... to the darling vintage Love Cupcakes trailer in our driveway to pick out a yummy sweet. Back inside Will was about to get a taste of sugar for the first time. Love his reaction! Happy Birthday, little Will!


  1. I can't get over these photos! I am so upset I didn't make it. His expressions when eating the cupcakes are priceless - SO adorable! Love you guys so much. Happy (belated) birthday, Will!

  2. Happy birthday to Will! Claire's party is next weekend, and I'm stealing a couple ideas from you! We have the same light fixtures as you, by the way.

  3. SO ADORABLE! Emilie, I can help with that whole sleep thing. I did a 60 hour course this past year to become a sleep consultant!

  4. Oh my lord, the cupcake-experiencing series -- priceless! Happy birthday, Will!! May your next year be as sweet as that cupcake.

  5. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Awww... So sweet. What lovely photos Emilie and J. I had a wonderful time entertaining at the party, and I'm always looking for more of these gigs. is my website.

    Matt Loosigian

  6. Soooooo sweet - love that cupcake shot. Happy birthday Will!


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