Little Will up on skis


Have you met my husband J? If yes, this post won't surprise you. He can rattle off the number of days he's skied (I personally can't remember but it's definitely over a thousand- and on the west coast, he'll be sure to clarify), the details of the best runs like he's telling you what he just ate for breakfast, and one knee surgery to remind him of his passion for this fun winter sport. Me? I started skiing when I was five and much preferred to go straight down rather than waste my time with turns. But once I graduated from college and moved to DC, my skiing days dwindled. I'm sad to say I haven't been since becoming a business owner- something about getting older and adventure sports that seems too risky. Clearly that will be changing in the years ahead as our little guy took his first spin around the house on my family's well-worn children's skis this morning. He loved it! As did we. Skiing before walking? Now that's something to surely note in his baby book.   

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