Portland, Maine, winter engagement session


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Image manager and second photographer for the last two years, Denise is now shooting as a principal photographer and has a very full calendar of weddings coming up. Below she recounts a recent engagement session. You can read more about the experience from the bride's perspective today on Love and Lobster here.

Take it away, Denise!

I had prodded this couple about doing an engagement shoot no less than four times when I finally nailed them down on a chilly Sunday afternoon earlier this month.  It wasn’t that they were against the idea. They just had so many other things to do and there would always be time later, right?  I even heard that the groom-to-be, Nick, was hoping to get out of the shoot that day to have a video game marathon with his friend!

How would I know this?  Said friend happens to be my husband, Jon.  And the bride-to-be is my twin sister, Jackie.   I assured Jon that he needed to be unavailable for the afternoon and finally got Nick and Jackie to get in their most stylish cold weather clothing and head to the Old Port.  At this point I felt a little like I was dragging them there and was concerned that it would show in their images.   But, as I looked for my framing and did some test shots I noticed they were getting rather snuggly.  Yes, I had asked them to sit together but I don’t think I had said they needed to be THAT close. 

As I guided them in their poses and moved them into pretty doorways along cobble stoned streets these two had no trouble looking adorable in front of my camera.  They may have been joking about how their feet were freezing or how Jackie’s hair wouldn’t stay out of her face, but in the images I just saw so much love.  At one point I told them I was going to scoot across the street and shoot them from farther away, and would they please do some smooching for these ones?  Well, when I turned around on the opposite sidewalk, they weren’t waiting for me to be ready with my camera.   

As the winter light was quickly fading we hurried over to the Eastern Prom where these two had gotten engaged.  I asked them to stand at the top of the hill, silhouetted against the last remaining light, as I ran to get in position for a wider shot.   Even though I felt like I was racing against time I had a feeling these images would be special.  They turned out to be some of my favorite photos of the day.

It may have taken some prodding to get them here, but I was so glad I did.  Their engagement session gave Nick and Jackie time to just enjoy being together and in love at such a special time in their lives.   I feel lucky to have been the one to capture it for them in images.  As a photographer I ended the session feeling fulfilled, and as a sister I felt so utterly grateful that these two found each other.  

A little silly outside of where they ate the night of the proposal, Fore Street.

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