The business of love


We photograph weddings, yes. But man oh man, there is SO much more to this profession than white gowns and toasts and first dances. If that weren't the case, I definitely could not have sustained almost a decade photographing just lavish parties. The undercurrent- the rhythm that keeps us interested and always coming back wedding after wedding with a fresh perspective and curiosity- is love. Yours. For your partner, your family and friends, those little touches that you poured your heart into, the stories and gestures shared. The depth of weddings intrigue and astound us. We give up our weekends with our families to spend them with yours. We laugh with you, sometimes get emotional with you, and are so, so happy to celebrate you. We get it. We love it! We love love.

And along the way, a beautiful thing happens... a vendor to start, friends by the finish.

I met Sarah and Hawley in 2008 through another one of our couples, Kelsie and Reg. We all became fast friends and so when their wedding rolled around a year later, J and I couldn't wait for their wedding day. Not once did we feel like hired help, but rather friends with a very distinguished honor. Today our artwork adorns their walls and reminds us every time we visit how important wedding photography truly is in capturing family history.

I have a funny feeling some of those photographs will be swapped out soon, however, as Sarah and Hawley welcomed a very special little guy into their lives last week! How lucky we are to celebrate this new life, their love.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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