WPPI and Pinhole Pro


Say what?

I know, I know. Sometimes we go off on photo tangents that probably leave you wondering what on earth we're talking about. Truth is, many of our blog readers are professional photographers and other wedding vendors (holla!) so we find it helpful to toss in some of the industry things we are doing now and again into the blogging mix, too.

Last week we took a company field trip. Whitney, Denise, Megan, Steve and I (plus pro pal Audra) hit up WPPI, the "it" conference for wedding and portrait photographers at MGM's conference center in Las Vegas. Among 12,000 others, we took in the sights, the awesome opportunity to learn and share, time to connect with some of my most favorite friends and goodness, I ate well! I was only there for 48 hours, awake for 40 of them (thank you, Starbucks!), determined to make every minute count for my first time away sans bebe.

I have attended this conference 6 of the last 7 years and each time I go, I'm amazed at how quickly the industry is changing. With so many newcomers to the field and, sadly, a high turnover rate, some of the photographers I once admired have since gone on to other things and new trendsetters have stepped up in their place. It's always the pat-on-the-back/mid-winter boost of inspiration I need each year, and I loved having such an outstanding staff to roll with (as Steve likes to say).

We had a lot of fun with the crew at the Pinhole Pro booth, the professional photographer's portal of the Pinhole Press products you've spied in Martha Stewart and Real Simple lately. Even cooler, our images are featured on some of their handsome toothy paper goods! Photo notepads, journals, calendars, brag books, thank you notes and even magnets, Pinhole is the hot spot for photo gifts. There they also launched a new desktop design solution with many fantastic tools for customization. Sweet! (pros only. Sorry, mom). We're tickled to be associated with such a top quality company and loved seeing the buzz at their booth. Check 'em out!    

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