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Since I met J, all of the trips we have taken together- no matter how cool the location- have been business-related conferences, destination weddings we have photographed or to see family. Certainly nothing wrong with that, but with our little Will finally sleeping through the night (thank you, Cameron!! Need a sleep coach? Call her!), and wedding season sneaking right up on us, it was high time for a vacation in its purest sense. No responsibility, no work, no agenda, just f-u-n. And where else might you have the most fun ever? Why, Disneyworld, of course! March was the perfect time to sneak away and play. Will loved every minute, as did we, and it was a delight to watch everything around us through his eyes. The moment he saw Mickey Mouse for the first time? Oh, what they say about Disney being a magical place is so.very.true! Enjoy a few of the traditional and not-so-traditional photos of our week, some of my favorites just from our hotel room as we were waiting for our bags to arrive. I packed light, just one old camera and a 35mm lens.

Dirty toes from scooting about the balcony There's something about the back of his head I just can't get enough of! Gazing at Magic Kingdom from our balcony. And the train. And the boats. And the buses. Lots to see. Mickey Mouse poncho. Classic. Animal Kingdom character breakfast, spying Mickey Mouse Every penny spent was worth it at this exact moment. Wonder and joy. Can't we bottle that? Just had to kiss this piggie, even if he was asleep. We ordered food from a local grocer and had most breakfasts in our room. Bracelets on and off. Kissed every character on the nose Parade view atop dad's shoulders Little nibble on my favorite Disney treat :)

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  1. Chills!!! I love these photos!! My favs... aquarium, spoon fed, sunset on the bed, Minnie Mouse... all of them!


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