loveME wedding mugs


I adore the addictive can-do attitude of Maine's small business community. Have an idea? Go for it! Not sure where to start? Oh, there's a zillion networking/workshop/support options to help with that. Most ideas start small or by accident, and balloon into the very cool stories I so enjoy reading in the "about" section (the first place I always look at every website I visit). So is the story of liveME, the once T-shirt only, now mug and other accessories, too, online shop that speaks to other Maine lovers with beerME, sailME, hikeME, surfME, etc messages paired with the state outline. Owner Chris Avantaggio recently shared about the growing popularity of their loveME mason jar mugs' popularity at weddings on Love & Lobster, and sent us the sweetest note and samples. You know I'm a sucker for handwritten notes! Thanks, Chris, and if anyone is looking for a cool mug to raise on St. Patty's day this Saturday, check out their current special beerME promotion going on now!


  1. Thanks for the kind words Emilie! It was a pleasure speaking with you and the Love & Lobster team. Cheers.

  2. I love these products. Eyed them for a while, but oddly, I don't own any of them. Yet!


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