Pink Initiative breast cancer statistics infographic


A few years ago I had a little idea for a non-profit to raise money for breast cancer. Pink Initiative is now a solid organization representing some of the most kind and sincere wedding professionals I've had the pleasure of meeting and the best board of directors I could dream of. In addition to fund-raising, it's also very important to us to help spread awareness about this awful disease. We collected some of the most staggering statistics and our fabulous designer Alina created a gorgeous infographic for our members. Are you familiar with infographics? Oh, we just love this trend. Eye catching, it is our hope this illustration will be passed between colleagues, clients, friends, and families, making a memorable impression of just how terribly common and frightening breast cancer is. Please feel free to download and pass along to those you love, too, here.

Brides and grooms, did you know you can peruse our vendor directory to find caterers, florists, planners and the like who support our cause? Is breast cancer important to you, too, and your vendors aren't listed? Ask them to get involved!

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