Anniversary art, year 3


It's been three years since our wedding on St John (pause to insert sigh-I-wish-I-was-there-right-now here). Tho we have wonderful photos to document that memorable weekend, we decided that each year we would purchase a piece of art to mark another year together and reflect on what was as we look forward to what lies ahead.

If you have been to our house, you'll recall we left our living room walls blank for, oh, more than a year after moving in because we just weren't sure what to hang. We shopped at local art houses, and even spoke to an artist about commissioning a landscape. Being realistic, however, about the likelihood of little (sticky!) fingers tracing paint stokes on that special canvas one day, the answer of what to display was clear.

We have a favorite spot that we half-jokingly refer to as our "secret spot." Found by accident, it's a loop around a protected tract of land on a (driveable) island nearby. We often go as a family for part exercise/part inspiration as the setting is just stunning and changes drastically given the season, time of day and where the tide is. It's never the same place twice and we love that. We don't often bring our cameras- we love having photographs of our family but we also love a break from our profession now and again (a constant battle!).

On this particular day last summer, however, I popped on my 35mm and enjoyed the chance to capture a little of this magical bit of earth we've come to love so much. The photos aren't award-winning, but they're very special to us. We enlarged seven for a collage of canvases to hang on our wall. Instead of being in a box, every day we get to gaze at them, a reminder of the beautiful life we've created together and it makes us smile.

Happy 3rd, sweets! Love our little family!


  1. i love i love i love i looooove these, Em.

  2. I've seen them many a time and always enjoyed them, but I really like them in a collage together. Almost creates one more giant "photo."


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