Real Maine Weddings giveaway planning day 1


Cambridge couple Alyssa and Nick learned they won the Real Maine Weddings magazine Wedding of the Year giveaway earlier this month by a public You Tube voting contest. Last week I accompanied them as they jumped into their wedding planning, visiting local paper house Papier Gourmet to choose their favorite wedding invitations, Hurley Travel Experts to learn more about their Jamaican honeymoon options and lastly, to Cross Jewelers to try on some hardware. With each part of the planning, Alyssa and Nick pick their top three choices and the public votes to choose what wins. Such fun! We wrapped up the day with a cocktail party at Grace, the location of their wedding ceremony which they hadn't seen before! The party's guests were family, friends and all of the participating vendors, everyone eager to visit with the lucky couple.

I have never photographed a wedding come together in this fashion before and it's making me want to start photographing long before the wedding day for our clients all the time! I love being Alyssa and Nick's personal paparazzi and think it's an extra special treat that they'll have this part of their journey documented in addition to their wedding day at Grace in Portland in November. They are (clearly!) an adorable, loving, deserving couple to receive this wedding and I'm excited to share what happened behind-the-scenes as you vote on each week's category (be sure to flag the RMW magazine blog here and check back every Monday to vote!).

Read more about the cocktail party from RMW editor Melanie here and Alyssa's personal account of the day here.

Say what? Alyssa and Nick received a crash course in the different printing techniques and invitation styles at Papier Gourmet. Maine based William Arthur is providing the pretty paper goods.
The ladies of RMW magazine and Sweetest Thing Weddings were on hand every step of the way.
Then it was time to hear from Beth at Hurley Travel about the different Sandals properties in Jamaica Alyssa and Nick get to choose from. A mini palm tree in the conference room had me dreaming of a sandy beach! Bling time! Can you imagine picking out your wedding bands with an entourage? Alyssa and Nick did really well in front of a big (opinionated!) audience!

And finally, to Grace! Looks like they like it, eh?

 Whitney captured this sweet moment at the cocktail party.

Next weekend, we shop for the dress and cake! I don't think a day could possibly be any more fun than that!


  1. Oh my gosh, they are so cute! I agree, Em, it is so cool that we get to document their entire wedding planning leading up to the big day. Alyssa and Nick, so excited for you!

  2. Alyssa and Nick are so extremely fortunate to have you accompany them on this magical journey...not only because of your extraordinary photography but also because you are just so beautiful a person. You capture so intensely each emotion depicted by each of them in everything they do. When I look at the photos, I feel I am there! Can only imagine what is to come. We are so blessed to have you, Emilie.


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