Megan's anniversary at emilie inc.


Earlier this month we marked a very exciting milestone: Megan's one year anniversary as our studio manager! For those of you lucky enough to have spent time chatting with Megan on the phone, in a client meeting or back-and-forth over email, you'll know why we feel so lucky to know her. She's kind, smart, witty and quirky- exactly the characteristics needed to hang with this crew. Adore you, Megan!

While we celebrated the Mexican militia victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla, my first year at emilie inc. drew to a close. Margaritas all around!

Seriously though, I can't believe it's been just a year. I feel as if I've known everyone on the emilie inc. team for years. We've had great experiences traveling around the city, state and country to weddings, photography meetings, workshops and a conference. Recently we even road-tripped to New Hampshire for a superbly delicious cake tasting (an added perk- thanks, Erin!). My coworkers had to put up with my extreme sugar high on the ride home but hey- it was a wonderful bonding experience.

I've grown a lot as a photographer this past year (which I was expecting) but what I wasn't expecting is how much I would learn about weddings, too. You might find this difficult to believe, but before last year I had been to only two weddings and both as a child. Luckily, last year quickly changed that (I attended 15). Before, I had a preconceived notion of weddings that consisted solely of a pretty white dress, a first kiss as man and wife, a cutting of the cake and dancing. Throughout the course of last season these notions rapidly evolved. Now- as cliché as this sounds- I think the important moments of the day are not the ones printed on the schedule (listed above) but the smaller, intimate moments that wedding days are riddled with. Learning to look for these wonderful unplanned events has been integral to my growth as a wedding photographer and makes me so excited for each individual wedding.

Last season was so great, but this year I have the added bonus of getting to know our couples months before their big day. I am oh-so-excited for all of their upcoming celebrations! Those that I won't have the opportunity to attend as a second photographer, I look forward to reliving through the images.

Cheers to another fun-filled year to come!


  1. A year really! You have been a great team member and such a warm presence in our office/home. Thank you Megan, looking forward to the year ahead!

  2. CONGRATS! A very important milestone to celebrate :)

  3. Meg Bice8:26 AM

    Congrats Megan!!! Working with you during my wedding planning experience was a pleasure - you were always so prompt and helpful. Cheers to many more wonderful moments with Emilie Inc.


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