Photo show and share: stairwell of framed prints


These days digital photography makes photo sharing a piece of cake.

After a wedding or portrait session, we post the final edit to a password protected online gallery using a professional photographers lab called Pictage. I've been using this service since I started the business in 2003 and unlike "the old days" where toting around an actual proof book of 4x6's to tally up which relative wants what 5x7 or 8x10 was the norm, clients now rave about the ability to view their images online and share the link with guests to order prints on their own. Easy peasy.

We always recommend printing through Pictage as we are very familiar with and love their high quality results, but we also understand you might have other plans for your photos. 95% of our couples opt to purchase a disc of high resolution images from us, granting even more freedom to print and share images under the guidelines of the included personal use license agreement. We have started including a folder of Facebook-ready images on the disc for our 2012 clients, recognizing the demand and again the ease of sharing through this social media outlet.

In the spirit of all this photo sharing, we are introducing a new feature on the blog called "photo show and share." We're so curious what you have done with your images since your wedding or portrait session, and encourage you to email us with a photo or a few that showcase our work in your home, office, at the in-laws, or even what you carry around in your purse! Wall displays, photo books, paper goods, products, etc! Anything goes! Images must be at least 700px wide and please include a detailed description, how you chose the photos and any advice you want to share with our readers. All entries will be considered for posting.

To get things rolling, Sarah and Hawley agreed to let me stop by to photograph their stairwell, a major focal point in their Portland condo. Sarah and Hawley were married in 2009 at the Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor, and have a three month old baby Zachary.

From Sarah:

We took advantage of a Pictage 2-for-1 print special and ordered several of our favorites shortly after the wedding. We figured the more time that passed, the less likely we were to actually place an order. Plus we were anxious to fill our stairwell wall with memories. Their 2-for-1 deal also allowed us to order prints for family and friends that served as great framed holiday presents. Selecting the images was at first overwhelming because of the sheer volume of photos to choose from. But it's best not to over think it and just go with your gut. We chose to frame and display a variety of wedding moments- some of the formal portraits of family and wedding party, some of just the two of us, and some our favorite candid moments. We also chose some color and some black and white. We actually have several 8x10 portraits of the two of us, but they are not all hanging at once- this way we can swap them out and we didn't have to pick just one favorite portrait.

We had registered for a bunch of frames from Crate & Barrel and also found some simple frames that were very inexpensive from Kohl's (or somewhere like that). Not all of the frames match, which I was initially worried about, but in the end I actually prefer it this way. As far as hanging the photos, I didn't bother measuring anything out on the wall, I just started at the top of the stairs with the biggest frame and eyeballed it from there. It's a very narrow staircase though, so I think that's why the imperfection works. If this were a bigger wall, some measuring and planning would've been necessary. 

So to whittle my advice down to a few bullet points:
- Order prints as soon as possible after the wedding, before life gets back to "normal" and you lose motivation.
- Don't over think which images to print, otherwise the process can be overwhelming.
- Select a variety of moments that capture different parts of your day.
- Register for frames.

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  1. Emilie, afar reading this post I had to go up to the studio and get out all the frames that I've been promising Heather I would hang in our stairway. They will all be hung by this coming weekend!


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