Real Maine Weddings magazine giveaway planning day 2


With the voting for Alyssa and Nick's wedding invitations coming to a close, the wedding dress comes next!! I recently visited my go-to local designer dress shop, Spoil Me, with Alyssa, her mom, her two best friends, Melanie from Real Maine Weddings magazine and the planning team from Sweetest Thing Weddings, Amber and Kathryn. We took over the place! The reactions as Alyssa came out of the dressing room in dress after dress from contest partner Canadian dress designer Lea Ann Belter were priceless! Gasps! Tears! And a rare silence when no one was entirely crazy about the design. Choosing three favorites for the public to vote on was almost easy and gosh, Alyssa is going to make a beautiful bride!

Then (I know, who thought the day could get even more fun?!), we went to eat cake! My favorite part of a wedding! Kidding. Er, sorta. I'm kinda an expert in wedding cake, you should know. I've tried a few hundred over the years. :) Jessica from Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott (her last name is Parrott, hence where the name comes from) hosted all of us in her darling new shop in South Portland (the same plaza as Greener Postures yoga). Pink and white striped walls, black and white checkered floors, the smell of sweets! Oh, we thought we walked straight to heaven! Jessica spoiled Nick and Alyssa with a silly amount of cupcakes, cake pops and whoopie pies to try, actually making the cake flavor decision more difficult than the dress! Based on the notes she took during their meeting, Jessica is going to present three different designs for the public to vote on for their cake in the coming weeks. Fun, fun!

Kinda makes me want to get married again! Five year vow renewal perhaps?! :)

Be sure to stop by the Real Maine Weddings blog to vote on Alyssa's dress options starting Monday. But don't tell Nick! He still wants to be surprised on their wedding day.
  Cupcake liner wreath on Jessica's store door. Adorable!

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