* Kim and David marry at the Fells in Newbury, New Hampshire by J


photographers: J and Steve, emilie inc. photography
ceremony: The Fells Newbury, New Hampshire
officiant: Betty Ramspott
reception: Baker Hill Golf Club Newbury, New Hampshire
coordinator: Laurie Mantegari, Everyday Details
caterer: Baker Hill Golf Club
florist: Mauli McDonald, Art of Nature
music: Murray Hill Talent
cake: Jacques Pastries
make-up: Lisa Gooding, Faces Spa
tent: Lakes Region Tents and Events
transportation: Avante
gown: Anne Barge at Lovely Bride, New York City
invitations: Tata Hogan, Ink + Wit
honeymoon: Peru

Kim and David's wedding day introduced me to two new venues in New Hampshire.

The Fells is a perfect backdrop for a ceremony, with its historic estate and gardens on Lake Sunapee. Kim and David couldn't have had a better place to bring their friends and family for their nuptials. The area was quite busy with a floral show at The Fells and a bike race that did four laps around the lake. The race delayed Kim in getting to the estate, but didn't put a damper on the day.

I spent the afternoon with Kim, her sister Kelly and her mom Sue while Steve went to photograph with David and his family. Sue was prepared for anything and everything her daughters might have needed after reading an article on the things that are typically forgotten on a wedding day. Kelly, a photography buff, had a new Polaroid and an old Rolleiflex camera that she pulled out for some shots during preparation.

The day was beautiful and so was the ceremony with Lake Sunapee in the background. Kim, David and I spent 20 minutes venturing around the property before the loaded into Kim's father's 63 'vette for the short ride to Baker Hill Golf Club. The reception was under a tent on the rolling golf course with Mount Sunapee beyond. The band and planner Laurie kept the evening lively and fun. Kim's uncle even joined on the drums for a song!

Kim and David, thank you for letting us be a part of your day! I hope you have an amazing time in Peru!

How they met, in Kim's own words:
We met at work! We both work at The Museum of Modern Art (David is an exhibition designer, and I'm a curator), and we worked on one show together in 2009, where we became friends. But it was when I ran into (or got run by, I should say) David at a local Brooklyn triathlon -- my first -- that we realized we had another common interest beyond art. I was a rookie, and David was/is a pro, so that gave me lots of things to ask him about... And that's how it started, leading up to me finally asking him if he wanted to meet me for a beer sometime so I could ask him more about bikes! (an excellent ploy, hahaha!). We got engaged about 1 1/2 years later (last August).

We decided to get married in Sunapee, NH, because it's a special place for my family -- we've been coming up here to the lake since I was a kid -- and David also loves the New England area and being by the lake and mountains. We wanted to take advantage of the natural beauty of the area, so chose The Fells for our ceremony site and the hill by Baker Hill Golf Club for the reception. Both have great views of Lake Sunapee and the surrounding mountains. We also liked that The Fells is an important site in the area, committed to preserving the history of the area (with the landmarked Hay Estate on the premises) and also the nature and wildlife. Plus they do outdoor sculptural installations of modern/contemporary art in the summer!

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  1. Beautiful, J and Steve. Great boutineer with the red chili peppers.


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