* Migis Lodge lakeside wedding of Laura and Bob by Denise


photographers: Denise and Megan, emilie inc. photography
venue: Migis Lodge South Casco, Maine
officiant: Marguerite Stapleton, Wisdom Works
florist: Marcia Davis Flowers
band: The Stimulantes, Boston
cake: Migis Lodge
hair/make-up: Salon at 616, Casco
gown: custom from recyledbride.com
honeymoon: Belize

There's a first time for everything, and I witnessed a first for me at Laura and Bob's wedding at the beautiful Migis Lodge over the steamy Memorial Day weekend. The girls were getting ready in one of the cabins, ironing dresses, applying makeup, and sharing stories when Laura decided it was time to get in her dress. She walked into the bedroom and started changing, leaving me wondering if she was going to ask for any help. Nope. She put her dress on by herself, in about five seconds. Then she walked out to the living room to ask someone to fasten the button at the very top of her open back, lace bodice. That was that! They all ooh'd and aah'd, of course, at how stunning she looked. I loved how pragmatic and laid back Laura was the entire day. This girl does not sweat the small stuff, even on a 80 degree day with what felt like 100% humidity. I mentioned this to her groom as we waited for her to arrive at the ceremony and he smiled a knowing smile. He said not too much fazes her.

Now, on to Bob and how much I enjoyed him as well. I didn't see him until a few minutes before the ceremony and when I did, he gave me a warm smile and asked me how I was doing. This may not seem like a big deal, but it takes some real thoughtfulness to pull yourself out of the swirl of family and friends to be so considerate. Bob did give Laura and I a scare soon after, however, when they were getting into the boat for their post-ceremony cruise. Laura managed to get in gracefully in her form-fitting dress and Bob followed...stepping on the floating bumpers and almost soaking his foot, or worse! Laura laughed and teased him, "City boy!"

These two were a joy to work with and the day went by in a flash.

Laura and Bob, hope you're having an amazing time in Belize!

How they met, in their own words:
We met in freshman year of college at Cornell University. We lived on the same floor in the same dorm. We dated through most of college, and moved to San Diego, CA for graduate school. We recently relocated to the Bay Area.

While we are both clearly achievement-oriented, we place a great deal of importance on doing things we love like sports, traveling, food (cooking/dining out) and spending quality time together. While our personalities are opposite; we balance each other out and respect and admire each others differences. We have grown close over our 9-year relationship (yeah, 9 years), and have taken our time getting to know one another and letting life roll. We are excited about the upcoming wedding; our inspiration was to have it outdoors in a beautiful setting with our families and friends surrounding us. 

The gorgeous drive to the lodge, a peaceful turn off the main route around the lake, immediately puts you in vacation mode.
And this awaits from the carefully appointed cabins. But first it's off to the salon to catch the end of Laura and her maids' preparations. Laura's gown shows off her gorgeous back. Impressive, right? Dad arrives to escort Laura. Bob was responsible for the marriage license. The post-ceremony boat ride in an antique Criss-Craft is a favorite feature of Migis Weddings. The buffet goes on and on. Nowhere else can you treat your guests to a spread like this!


  1. Beautifully captured wedding and what a great venue!

  2. It has been officially decided that we are going to swap a wedding. You get to photograph stone wineries and rows of vineyards and I get to photograph tall forests and sunset lakes.


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