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In the flurry of blogging recent work last week a significant milestone eeked right by: our 1,000th post!

I started this blog 8 years ago, when blogging was still very new and I was unsure what to write, how much to share and if it was even worth it. Fast forward to today where half a million people have stopped by, with at least 500 visits every day.

I realized the power of a digital journal early on when meeting with a couple and the bride's family, and as I was sharing a story (about something I can't recall now), the bride's father finished my sentence saying he already knew the advice I was about to give since he read it on the blog! Time and time again, couples have found the blog by way of simple internet searches and stayed, bookmarking us and coming back often. A bride from the midwest hired me to photograph her destination wedding in Alaska after being a faithful follower of the blog for years! Couples have even credited us for helping them find their wedding venue when Googling key words and our images popped up! We love the sense of community we have created around the blog and the willingness of our wonderful clients to share their story after enjoying so many others' stories before them here.

We've chronicled more than just wedding days- itty bitty babies and editorial assignments, achievements, art walks, special news and events, viewpoints and workshop wrap-ups. It's expanded to include the voices of our staff as the business has grown, giving readers the chance to get to know everyone on a more individual level.

Social media has certainly changed the quantity of our posts, as many little tidbits are oftentimes more easily summed up in a quick Tweet or Facebook status. However our commitment to share our work and serve as a resource for couples and their families with an occasional inside peek into our personal lives remains our primary priority regardless of how the social media landscape might change in the future.

We're busy working on a facelift for the blog that we'll unveil when our website redesign is ready (a few weeks away!). Thanks for reading, for following and for your support of what we do. Cheers to the next 1,000 posts!

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  1. Well said, Em. I agree, I am amazed at how the web in general and where it is today makes you think twice about posting something. It remains out there forever in cyberspace, so it matters to post thoughtful words and powerful imagery that are meaningful. Cheers to another 1,000 posts indeed!


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