* Church Landing wedding of Lauren and Dave in Meredith, New Hampshire, by J


photographers: J and Megan, emilie inc. photography
venue: Church Landing, Meredith, New Hampshire
officiant: Ed Saling
caterer: Church Landing
florist: Kate Parker Weddings
band: Rare Form
cake: Jacques Pastries
hair and make-up: Cascade Spa, Church Landing
gown: Judd Waddell
invitations: Wouldn't It Be Lovely
honeymoon: Maui and Kauai, Hawaii

Deer Valley, Lake Winnipesaukee, and Kauai. Does it get any better then that?

I met Lauren and Dave this past spring and immediately knew they were going to be a good time. Their engagement story included Deer Valley and skiing, so we immediately hit it off. They have been together for over 9 years, but they both showed such love and affection towards each other all day on their wedding like giddy new sweethearts. A July wedding, almost 90 degrees and as the couple sat for the first time during the ceremony, I saw Dave open a hand fan and fan Lauren without even thinking about himself. That sort of adoration played out throughout the evening.

A first at a wedding was capturing the first hug between father and son. Dave and his dad Bob had supposedly never hugged before though you would have never known it. I was told beforehand and captured them shaking hands and then embracing for the first time. It was a sweet moment between a father, who is his town's chief of police, and a son, who has done tours in Afghanistan. 

As the guests moved inside Rare Form kicked into action and the dance floor was full, beginning to end. The cake cutting found Dave diving into Lauren's dress for icing that somehow made its way there, just another sign of adoration I guess.

Totally jealous of their honeymoon, week on Maui and then a second week on Kauai! Two unique Hawaiian island experiences and a honeymooners paradise! Enjoy, you two!

How they met, in Lauren's words:
Dave and I have been together for 9 1/2 years! (Yes, it's about time!). We started dating as seniors in high school and even though we were far apart, our relationship kept growing stronger. After college, Dave commissioned into the Army and was stationed in upstate New York, so we spent several more years apart. A month before his last deployment to Afghanistan, we took a vacation with my family to Deer Valley, Utah. On the very last day, Dave proposed! We knew it would be a long engagement (2+ years; we certainly take our time with things!), but Dave knew that wedding planning would help ease our time apart. Now we are living together in Boston and are blessed to have such a great life together. Good things are always worth waiting for.

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