* Tented wedding of Amanda and Mike in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, by Denise


photographers: Denise and Whitney, emilie inc. photography
coordinator: Brandi Lawrence, Lawrence Event Design
officiant: C. C. Ciafone
florist: Fiddleheads Flowers and Vintage Chic Gifts Cape Elizabeth, Maine
tent: Marshall Tent
caterer: Kitchen Chicks Catering
music: Tony Boffa Band
cake: Bread and Ginger
gown: Amsale from Vows
hair: Angela, Akari
invitations: Chelsey Brennan, Chelsey Emery Design Boutique
honeymoon: New Zealand and Australia

Oftentimes at a wedding I will stand back for a minute and wonder what about the day will stand out in the bride and groom's minds 5, 10, 20 years from now.  At Amanda and Mike's celebration I knew they would remember the threat, and subsequent arrival, of a rather massive thunderstorm.  It was a beautiful sunny day when I arrived to begin photographing the preparations, but I had checked the weather and knew what might be in store later in the day.  About an hour before the ceremony Amanda's brother, Tyler, showed me the ominous radar forecast on his phone.  There was a lot of red, passing right over Cape Elizabeth, and it wasn't supposed to hold off for too much longer.

As Amanda made the walk with her father from their family's home to the ceremony on the lawn, the sky got darker.  It continued to darken throughout the ceremony but the rain held off.  Then we did one of the quickest portrait sessions I've ever done as the clouds rolled in and made it clear we didn't have much time.  We finished up as the drops started to fall and Amanda and Mike returned to their reception with umbrella in hand.  A few minutes later, the sky opened up and it poured! Thunder, lightning, and all.  It continued to rain until much later in the night but everyone stayed comfortable and dry under the tent.  

Amanda and Mike's spirits were never dampened by the storm, nor were their families' and friends'.  They danced, and danced, and danced to the music of the fantastic Tony Boffa Band.  They played limbo using a tie as the stick, they sang their hearts out to Bon Jovi songs, and they even threw back some tequila shots!  These people know how to celebrate!  As much as I know Amanda and Mike will remember the drama of the storm, I know they'll also look back and appreciate how much fun they had with their families and friends.  Towards the end of the night I stood outside as a now light rain fell, looking at the tent glowing on the front lawn, filled with the sounds of music and laughing.  I thought that Amanda and Mike would certainly remember this too when they think of their wedding years from now.

How they met, in Amanda's words:
After a year living abroad in Manosque-en-Provence, I moved back to the US in the late summer of 2003. I had always wanted to live in Boston (the "big city" for us Mainers), and moved into a cozy apartment in Beacon Hill late that September. Near the end of the month, one of my best friends from Cape Elizabeth and her then-boyfriend came to visit and stay in the cramped confines of my new place. That Saturday night, we cruised down the Hill to the Beacon Hill Pub (or BHP), the kind of dive bar where your shoes stick to the beer-soaked floor and the smell of old Budweiser permeates your clothes when you return home. Lindsey and I hadn't seen each other for a year, so we had a boatload of catching up to do. 

As we chatted animatedly, one fellow kept weaving his way in between us, disrupting our conversation. On his third or fourth rumble through the middle of our chat, I told this guy in typical deadpan style, "If you are going to continue to interrupt our conversation, you should at least introduce yourself."

He responded with his name (Mike) and the fact that he had been Brian's roommate at UVM. We chatted later, going over the basics of where we grew up and where we went to school. When I said I'd attended Williams College, he responded with "Oh really, I know one, no, two people who went there." Williams is tiny and so I took him up on the name game. The first person he mentioned was Alex Horne, one of our JA's. 

"I know one other person," Mike said, "but I don't remember her last name." Hoping that her first name wasn't Laura or Kate (since there were roughly 500 people by that name when I was in school), I said "Give it a shot." And Mike replied, "Um, her first name is CC?"

Of all the names to pull out of a hat, he picked the one of my freshman year (and onward) roommate! If that's not coincidence then I don't know what is.  Mike worked with CC at a law firm.

One email from me (yes ladies, take the initiative!) and our first (pretty bad) date later, and before I knew it, eight years have gone by! Mike is generous, thoughtful, supportive, brilliant, and a true gentleman. I'm lucky he's put up with all my antics for this long! I'm thrilled to be marrying someone who treats me like a real lady and who is also a true friend.

How they met, in Mike's words:
The Beacon Hill Pub (BHP) is legendary for three reasons: 1) Plethora of bar activities: Pop-A-Shot, darts, Foosball, Golden Tee etc. 2) $1.95 PBR's (draft or bottle!) and 3) Rowdy clientele. Needless to say, I've spent a fair amount of time there during my tenure in Boston. When my old roommate, Brian, and his (then) girlfriend Lindsey came to town one early Fall evening, we decided the BHP would be our meeting place. It was great to get the UVM crew and extended family together for a night in Beantown and the PBR's were flowing freely.

As we were discussing politics, literature, and other intellectual topics it was decided that it would be a great idea to have a Golden Tee tournament. (Golden Tee is an epic golfing video game). We gathered players, decided upon stakes and were all set to play. It was at that point that I noticed a young lady speaking with Lindsey that I had not seen before. As soon as I laid eyes on her, I thought one thing: she is standing DIRECTLY in front of the Golden Tee machine and preventing us from playing. So Devito and I hatched a successful plan to bother the two ladies so we could get our game on.

After the tournament ended (and I lost, as usual), I ended up speaking with Lindsey's friend. After (probably) apologizing for our antics, I found out that her name was Amanda and that we had a few acquaintances in common (CC, Alex). Towards the end of the night, I had had enough liquid encouragement to ask for Amanda's number to which she promptly responded: "No". Good thing for CC, because Amanda was able to stalk me and after realizing her terrible mistake, the rest is history. 

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  1. What a fun wedding - the dancing limbo shots are crazy! Congrats, Mike and Amanda!


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