* Backyard horse farm wedding of Caitlin and Eric in Brookline, New Hampshire, by Denise


photographer: Denise, emilie inc. photography 
venue: bride's family home
coordinator: Andrea Ryan, AER Wedding Serivces
caterer: Magic Foods Restaurant Group
flowers: Gillian Hahn, Posies by Trim
dj: Nolan Pelletier, Main Event DJs
cake: Frederick's Pastries
hair: Reina Rodriguez, Verde Salon
tent: Exeter Events and Tents
gown: Essense of Australia, Madeleine's Daughter 
invitations: Smock via Gus & Ruby Letterpress 

Anyone who knows me knows there are two things I really love, more than my other interests like cooking and traveling: photography and horses.  Clearly I get to indulge my passion for photography, for which I am beyond grateful.  I do what I love and I know that's special.  But when I'm not working, I spend a great deal of my time with my horse, Henry.  I have been horse-obsessed since the first day my mother sent my sister and I off to horse camp when I was 11 years old.  Most little girls get over it, not so much with me.  I have always gotten a true sense of connectedness and freedom from being around horses.  So when Catilin's mother, Pam, called last year to inquire about shooting her daughter's wedding on their horse farm, Emilie pretty much just handed me the phone.

Caitlin has been around horses all her life and even done quite a bit of competing (there are magazine covers with her on them in their barn!) and Eric is a farrier, which means someone who is trained to both trim horses' hooves and shoe them as well.  Their love of horses brought them together so of course they wanted to have the ponies nearby when they got married.  They live in Pennsylvania but trucked up their three horses to be part of the fun and spent quite a bit of time with them even while their reception was going on.  That's exactly what I would've done, too. 

Caitlin was lucky enough to grow up on this horse farm and it made perfect sense for her to come full circle and get married there as well.  It served as an amazing spot for the ceremony and reception, and the rain even stopped just long enough for their quick ceremony to be completed.  After that, however, we weren't so lucky.  I don't think I have EVER seen it rain like it did that night at a wedding!  We were all safely under the tent but it was so loud you had to raise your voice just to talk to people at times!  But, the line dancing and boot shufflin' continued on into the night and I think it was just what these two were hoping for.

How they met, in Caitlin's words:
Eric and I met in the spring of 2009. We were united by our shared love of horses and we started dating shortly after. We got engaged in the spring of 2011 and decided to get married at my parents house in New Hampshire. This is a very special place for me and it means a lot to me that we are able to be married there.  

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