* French's Point wedding of Jacquie and Chris in Stockton Springs, Maine, by Denise


photographers: Denise and Sharon, emilie inc. photography 
ceremony: St. Francis of Assis, Belfast, Maine
officiant: Father Mark Reinhardt, St. Brendan the Navigator
venue: French's Point, Stockton Springs, Maine
ceremony musician: Ryan Blotnick
dj: Jim Smith
florist: Judy Bourgeois, Flora Fauna
cake: Jessica Parrott, Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott
hair/make-up: Sogno Hair Salon
gown: Maggie Sottero at Andrea's Bridal
invitatons: designed by Jacqui, printed at Dunstan Press, Scarborough
honeymoon: Aruba 

Having never been to French's Point Retreat, I was excited to finally see it as Sharon and I rolled along the quiet road, surrounded by tall trees, that leads to the property.  It eventually opened up and revealed the beautiful inn with dark green shingles surrounded by beach rose and hydrangea.  I walked around to the back and saw the expansive view of Penobscot Bay shrouded in a light mist.  Normally you hope for a warm, sunny day for a summer wedding but it felt calm and peaceful at the point of the peninsula. 

I found Jacquie upstairs with her bridesmaids and family getting the finishing touches on their hair and makeup.  I think she was affected by the same calm I felt upon arriving because she seemed completely relaxed.  She also got to go downstairs and peek at her reception space that Judy from Flora Fauna was creating which elicited some excited clapping and big smiles. 

Later we hopped into the car to head to the church and hit a bit of traffic in downtown Belfast.  Jacquie held up her bouquet to show the other drivers hoping it would help us cross a busy intersection. I think one guy really did see it and let us through!  Gotta use the bride cred as much as you can on your wedding day, right?

On the return trip to French's Point we rode in, shall we say, an older, car with no real seat belts to speak of.  We also noticed a lot of police cars roaming around and Chris, a police officer in Portland, remarked what a story it would be if he were to get pulled over on his wedding day.  I was kind of crossing my fingers we would! Great story, fun photo.  But alas we made it back to French's Point hassle free.

The mist had hung around and as their guests wandered the beautiful grounds with cocktails, Jacquie, Chris, and I were able to escape for some portraits.  I swear, I just felt different when we got back, there's something unique about the air there.  As beautiful as the interior looked that night, as people enjoyed dinner and dancing, I kept finding myself pulled back outside.  Now I know why these two picked it as the perfect place for them to tie the knot. 

How they met, in Jacqui's words:
Chris and I met through my cousin Christina (one of the bridesmaids). Chris took me out on our first date, a hockey game and dinner and we hit it off after that! Three years later, we got engaged in St. Thomas (Water Island) on Honeymoon beach! It was a complete surprise. His friends helped him pick out the ring and that evening he proposed. It couldn't have been more perfect!

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