* Inn on Peaks Island wedding of Emily and John by Whitney


photographers: Whitney and Steve, emilie inc. photography
venue: Inn on Peaks Peaks Island, Maine
officiant: family friend
florist: Judy Bourgeois, Flora Fauna
band: George Leonard, The Free Downloads
cake: Two Fat Cats Bakery
hair/make-up: Tina Wardwell, The Roaming Artists
trolley: Portland Discovery Trolley
gown: Priscilla of Boston
invitation: Cricket Printing
honeymoon: Kennebunkport and Argentina

Emily and John are two of the nicest, most polite people I have met.  And their wedding day was just as sweet.  Emily was on Peaks for the week leading up to the big day along with some family, with John and more family and friends arriving mid-week.  They did it right and took full advantage of the island.  A welcome party for at least a hundred guests at the Fifth Maine Regiment Museum on Thursday, rehearsal dinner at Harbour's Edge in Portland on Friday with cocktails on the dock after, the main event on Saturday at the Inn on Peaks, and a brunch for all Sunday morning back at the Inn.  What a celebration!  They literally had the best week of weather we've seen so far, too -- sunny, warm, cool nights, no humidity.  With all their festivities, the bride and groom really got to soak in everything and everyone who attended.  Emily said she was so happy they held the welcome party as it calmed her nerves, making her quite the chill bride for the wedding day.  Little touches to the day had big meaning.  Emily's veil was her "something borrowed" from her brother's wife.  She carried her grandmother's prayer book down the isle, which had all the family women listed in the back with their wedding date, spanning from 1909 to present day. Emily herself cut out all the intricate paper silhouettes of table names.  They wanted the pies to be warm for their guests, so they had the kitchen bring them out all at once -- trust me, there was such an eager line waiting for them that Steve and I could barely get photographs of the picture perfect pies!

What I witnessed on Saturday was not only Emily and John pronouncing their love for one another and making a lifelong commitment to each other, but two amazing sets of family and friends uniting, creating their own special bond because of Emily and John.  I have never seen so many folks dancing together, arms around each other, in a circle, grinning ear to ear -- and frequently singing along to the fabulous band.  Emily's grandparents were surprised when their 60 year wedding anniversary was acknowledged with a song, resulting in them tearing up the dance floor before a hooting and hollering crowd.  During the first look and portrait session later in the evening, I saw a beaming bride and giddy groom look at each other with such a tenderness and pure sweetness, I could feel the love in their hearts.  Moments like that remind me why I love what I do and feel fortunate to be able to do it.

Congratulations, Emily and John!  Until your amazing Argentina adventure this winter, I hope you enjoyed your Hidden Pond mini-moon.

How they met, in Emily's words:
John and I are both from the Boston area, we attended Colby College at the same time and both moved to New York City right after graduation, but we didn’t really meet until a weekend out on Long Island in 2008.

One of my best friends – and bridesmaids! – invited me to spend Memorial Day weekend out at a beach house on Long Island that a couple of Colby guys had rented for the summer. We were very excited to see the place and spend a relaxing weekend on the beach, and I was interested in meeting the guys who had invited us out there for the weekend – especially this one guy John, who my friend me looked like Tom Brady!

We spent an eventful weekend out at the house, which became more like a camping trip than a relaxing beach weekend when we discovered that the landlord had neglected to get the power turned on before we got there! Unfortunately there was one thing missing that weekend – the sixth roommate, John! Poor John was boarded up in his apartment in the city, furiously studying for the CFA and would not join us out at the beach house until the following week. Thankfully, Liz and I had impressed the guys with our ability to last in a house with no electricity or hot water for the full three day weekend. Needless to say, they invited us back the following week.

John took the CFA on Saturday (and passed!) and hopped on the train out to Long Beach where we had a celebratory feast awaiting him. We chatted for hours and even danced a bit, and on the walk back to the house John stopped in the middle of the street and kissed me. We’ve been together ever since.

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