* Old Port and Two Lights State Park engagement session of Xu and Peggy by Whitney


Xu and Peggy have visited Maine only one other time aside from their engagement shoot that I was honored to photograph.  Both times Xu has locked the keys in the car.  However, this did not stop these two cuties from fully enjoying their session in the Old Port and at Two Lights State Park.  Xu and Peggy traveled up to Maine from Boston and will be getting married at the end of August in China, where they are both from and where their families still reside.  These photographs are going to be extra special, giving nod to the life they are starting together in America and some will be used at their overseas wedding celebration.  Xu is in awe of lighthouses, they love the history evident in the Old Port, and are fascinated with the coast and open ocean of Maine, being that the two grew up in in-land China.

For our session in the Old Port, I learned how caring they are for each other, saw how sweetly they look at each other, and smiled at how happily Xu dotes upon his bride-to-be.  Peggy tested Xu's tie-tying skills, joke telling skills, and dancing skills -- giggles from both promptly followed.  I loved that they were up for anything for these portraits, showing the humor, beauty, and love between them.  They wanted a sign of sorts that said "Portland" to show their family back home where they were.  I suggested a favorite place of mine, Portland Lobster Company, that was close by, and it turned out to be where they ate the first time they visited Maine -- plus they love lobster.  Peggy's excitement upon seeing the Life Is Good sign was adorable -- a favorite brand of hers.

For our session at Two Lights, I saw Xu and Peggy truly embrace our time together, showing more comfort in front of the camera.  A quick outfit change turned into the longer keys-locked-in-the car moment.  However, the planets were aligned, and when I asked the only couple in the parking lot, if they happened to have a coat hanger in their car to retrieve the keys, the man rummaged in his trunk and appeared thirty seconds later with a coat hanger.  The entire solar system was aligned when his wife told me her husband is actually a tech for Sullivan Tire, so he knew a thing or two about cars.  And the bonus -- the car still rocked manual windows and locks.  So he and Xu worked their magic while I helped Peggy out of her wedding gown and into a great navy and white striped dress by Nautica, fitting the coastal theme.  Everyone was grateful for the retrieved keys (sans AAA!), and we were able to feel the golden sun on our faces just before it set behind a lighthouse.

What an afternoon it was!  Xu and Peggy, I had so much fun with you and am honored to know that your family and friends back home in China will be able to see some of the moments we captured that day.  Congratulations, enjoy your time home, and I look forward to hearing how the celebration was when you return to the U.S.!

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