Reflections from our summer intern Lindsay


We were lucky ducks last year to have University of Maine junior Lindsay Heald join us for the summer to help steer Love & Lobster during our busy summer months. Luckier still, Lindsay came back this summer! In addition to working from home, she was able to spend a day a week in the office with us (when she wasn't busy with a marketing internship at Coffee by Design) and check out a few weddings when her enviable social calendar allowed. Insanely gifted behind the camera both with video and still photography, we're among Lindsay's loudest cheerleaders and we can't wait to see where she lands after college. Below Lindsay shares a little of her summer experience.

Tiny feet running down the hallway- that is honestly the quality I will miss most about the emilie inc. studio.  Little Will would visit us each morning (or at least each Monday while I was there) to say hi, offer mumbles, and latest words of wisdom, and then pitter-patter back down the hall.  Forget coffee breaks and water coolers, we have Will!

Every Monday I would cozy up against Emilie and Megan in the studio with my laptop and notebook and just absorb the conversations, realizing all that it takes to run a successful business.  I knew wedding season in a photography studio was intense, but I don’t think I realized the full meaning of that adjective until I was in the middle of everything.  However, despite their constant clicking of the keyboard, in between answering phone calls, editing images, and posting to blogs, they were never too busy to answer my [many] questions.  As a photographer, I couldn’t stop my curiosity from wondering about what they used for editing software, what kinds of lenses they recommended for different events, and how they felt about attending weddings for a living.

In the middle of July I was fortunate enough to tag along with one of of the emilie inc. photographers to a wedding on Peaks Island.  I was only with Whitney for 6 of the 8 hours she was with the couple, and yet I was still blown away by the amount of work she put into photographing that wedding- she never stopped shooting!  Then when it came time for us to eat and we couldn’t find any of the inn staff, she said “Well it’s not a big deal if I don’t eat... I’m going to go photograph the rings now.”  Spending 8 hours in 90° weather with two 10 pound cameras hanging off her, and she still didn’t think eating was a priority - now that’s dedication!

Lastly, I help set up Emilie’s photo booth, the Maine Snapshot Studio, at another wedding in August- something I didn’t anticipate being as fun as it was!

Although I was only in the studio once a week, I can still feel how much I’ve grown as a professional, just by sitting in the same room with Emilie and her colleagues.  I hope to continue my relationship with the emilie inc. crew in the future, and look forward to seeing little Will whenever I can.

We adore you, Lindsay, and can't thank you enough for your hard work this summer! Definitely come by for some little Will fixes so that we can get our Lindsay fixes, too! Miss you already! Good luck!!

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  1. Lindsay! I loved working that wedding with you; you did great and definitely "get it." I hope we can work together in the future. Good luck with your next pursuit and keep in touch!


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