* Rustic Cow Island, Maine, wedding of Sara and Isaac by Denise


photographers: Denise and Megan, emilie inc. photography
venue: Cow Island Casco Bay, Maine
officiant: Gary Berenson
caterer: Rippleeffect
florist: Broadturn Farm
cocktail musicians: Jerks of Grass
dj: Bryan Poor, DJ U4EA
cake: family friend
videography: Josh Swan, Media Northeast
hair: Tasha Zwickerhill, O2 Salon and Spa
paper lanterns: justlanterns.com
transportation: Portland Discovery's Bay View Lady
gown: Kimera Design, Brooklyn
Ketubah calligraphy: Peggy Davis Calligraphy
invitations: designed and printed by Sara
mini-moon: Bear Mountain Inn and Linekin Bay Resort

I had never been to Cow Island before Sara & Isaac's wedding took place there, but what a funky spot!  It's a short boat ride from Portland out into Casco Bay and serves as the location for Rippleffect, a non-profit that operates a summer camp there.  They take a limited number of weddings each year to help fund the program and this couple got to be one of the lucky few chosen.

There were a couple firsts for me at this wedding, including photographing the bride getting ready in a yurt and BOTH the bride and groom flying down a zipline during cocktail hour! Sara is one laid back girl and had no problem hitching up her custom-made wedding dress to cruise over her guests.  Isaac was right behind her and added some flair to his trip by hanging loosely from the line, maybe he should have coined the nickname "The Flying Squirrel" that day before everyone knew it as Gabby Douglas's.

We continued some semi-thrill seeking behavior soon after when we went to the beach to do some portraits at sunset.  I was carrying my usual two cameras with lenses and bag full of other gear when we came to the part of the walk where you have to grab a rope and shimmy yourself across slippery rocks to get to the beach.  Big thank you to Sara and Isaac who I had to pass my cameras to as I awkwardly slid down the rocks on my bum! 

We came back to reception and enjoyed some delicious food (catered by Rippleffect's own chef, lucky kids who go to camp there!) and dancing under the stars.  We rarely see receptions here in Maine that aren't either inside or tented because of the ever changing forecasts, but on Cow Island the dinner was tented and dancing was on an adjoining patio. They lucked out with the weather and guests were able to dance outside and wander the island with its old fort and elevated views of the ocean. 

Thankfully these are two are local and live in Portland so I hope to see you around town soon, Sara and Isaac! 

How they met, in Sara's words:
Isaac and I met our junior year of college at the University of Vermont in an English course entitled "Reading and Writing Autobiography." We were sitting next to each other the day our professor asked us to pair up as peer-editors for editing our autobiographies. It was a wonderful (and sort of sneaky) way that I got to know about Isaac... I was reading his autobiography before I really even had a chance to know him! And I liked what I was reading! At the same time, his roommate and my roommate were dating, so I had a chance to talk to him even more at a mutual friend's birthday party. I wouldn't even say we were dating that semester, because the next semester I studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France, for spring semester of my junior year. But I kept in touch with postcards and emails. When I got back to Burlington, Vermont, that summer, we met back up and that's pretty much when we started going out. I told him I wanted a serious boyfriend and made it clear from the beginning! That was 10 years ago and we've been together ever since, although we were long distance for many years... after a year together in college I worked in Boston and he went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to fulfill his dream of being a ski bum. He stayed on to play in a bluegrass band, then I got into grad school in Alabama. Then Isaac decided to go to med school and went to grad school in Boston! Two years later, I graduated grad school and moved to Vermont, hoping Isaac would get into medical school at Dartmouth. That didn't quite work out and he ended up going to St. George's University in Grenada, in the Caribbean. We were apart another two years while I worked at Dartmouth College and he did his first two years of medical school. FINALLY in 2009 Isaac moved to Brooklyn to finish up his third and fourth years of med school (part of the program is to do your last two years in the USA), and so I moved down to Brooklyn and got a job in the city. Luckily we've actually been in the same place for the past three years now. I told Isaac I wanted to get married to celebrate our 10 years together, and that's what we're doing. I won't tell you that it wasn't an ultimatum, but we're finally on the same page and life is good!!

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