Surprise staff trip to Joya Beauty


Joanne McDonough, owner of Joya Beauty in Dover, New Hampshire is hot stuff. There's no other way to describe her. She's the best make-up artist I know in the area's wedding scene (which explains why she books up more than a year in advance!), operating her custom make-up and skincare business out of her home (but she travels to you on the wedding day). In addition to being remarkably talented (truly, an artist!), she's one of those people who just makes you feel good to be around. She always knows the right thing to say, and finds the beauty in everything- both literally and figuratively.

I met Joanne, Jojo as many of her friends call her, way back through Kate Parker. Amazed by her work on several of my brides, I started seeing her for regular facials and a custom make-up tour. Hooked, I tell all my brides about her, friends, too- even my mom has been in for some pampering (she was there when I just found out I was having a boy and called to share the news. So really, Joanne is like one of the family). She did my make-up for our studio opening party, staff portraits and even my baby shower!

Thick in the middle of wedding season, we're having a blast but definitely not taking enough time outs to breathe and regroup- every minute of the day seems accounted for! That's why I recently surprised the ladies on my staff for a girls day to Joya Beauty (sorry J and Steve!!). Unsure of where they were going, we all piled in my car and headed south for the day. When we arrived, the collective exhales could be heard and we all settled in to the calming vibe at her shop. Each gal was treated to a mini facial and make-up application, the first time for a few of them! We took a few pictures to share with you, but mostly enjoyed one another's company and the chance to see Joanne in her zone. It made us all envious of her lucky brides!

Thank you so much for spoiling us, Joanne! And brides, if you haven't already done so two paragraphs ago, call Joanne asap to snag her for your big day!
Joanne's sweet pooches kept us company while Joanne was in the treatment room. It was, can you say, shocking (!) to walk into the waiting room and see two 8x10 glossy's of myself staring back at me. Five years ago I visited Joanne for a custom make-up application and J came along to document the process. We made the worst possible "before" picture that we could- unforgiving lens choice and lighting- to balance with Joanne's stellar "after" results. Crazy, right?

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