* Portland Company wedding of Jasmine and Christian at Portland Yacht Services in Portland, Maine, by Denise


photographer: Denise, emilie inc. photography
venue: Portland Company, Portland Yacht Services, Portland, Maine
officiant: Christina Sillari, First Parish Church
caterer, cake: Leslie Oster, Aurora Provisions
florist: Stacy Brenner, Broadturn Farm
musicians: Abriel-Ferreria and friend
dj: Dan DiBiase
make-up: Brenda Poole, Adore Rouge
hair: Colleen Griffin, Aphrodite Salon
lighting: Ambience Lighting
photo booth: Maine Snapshot Studio
transportation: Affinity Limo
gown: Nicole Miller, Spoil Me
invitation: Mioko Mochizuki

Jasmine and Christian live right here in Portland, and got married here in town, too.  Actually, they got married at the Portland Co., which is where my twin sister, Jackie, is getting married NEXT weekend!  I was really excited to stay local for their celebration and to get to hang out with some people who I think love Portland as much as I do.  This couple is not from here, but wanted to bring their families and friends to Portland to not only celebrate their marriage, but so they could check out this place they now call home, too. 

Their adorable little niece, Kiliko, started off the ceremony as a flower girl and while she was shy at first, she took her role to a new level when she ever so slowly sprinkled her felt roses along the aisle, pausing it seemed for dramatic effect.  Jasmine and Christian exchanged their vows in a somewhat nontraditional ceremony and then treated their guests to a ride on the narrow gauge railroad along the Eastern Prom.  We had planned to stop midway along the track to pop off and do some quick couple portraits, and I got off first so I could turn around and shoot them coming off the train.  Now, this next part is where things did not go as planned.  I was shooting Jasmine coming out of the car and stepping down onto a block placed under the step when, oh no, ohno ohno ohno, the block turned as she stepped on it... and she fell.  I couldn't believe it.  It happened very fast and when it hit me that she had actually fallen I jumped up to see if she was ok.  She was, thank goodness, but she couldn't believe it had happened either.  I think she was just starting to really relax too, after the ceremony, and then this happened.  Now, I braced myself for her to have some kind of a meltdown right then and there, because who in the world would ever think they'd fall like that on their wedding day?  It was upsetting.  But, Jasmine was unbelievable about it.  She took a few minutes to accept that this had just happened and was ready to keep doing their portraits.  She even asked me if I got photos of it and when I sort of sheepishly said ".....yes" she said good, it happened so why not have the images that show it.  Seriously?? Amazing.  This girl is no wimp. 

After portraits we returned to the Portland Co. where everything looked beautiful.  The space is rather industrial and the design for the layout and tables softened things up while still keeping a cool vibe.  There was also a great photo wall with tons of pictures from both Jasmine and Christian's families, homemade brews, and more little felt hearts for the seating chart.  I think these two really settled into their wedding at this point in the day, snuggling and stealing little kisses.  Plus, they had great music because they had compiled songs from their guests into a playlist for the night.  And their friends like to get down! I had a great time photographing them all enjoying themselves so much and not being shy on the dance floor.  My husband, Jon, was able to join us as the photo booth attendant and he also had a great time chatting with all the guests, who reallllllly loved the booth and homemade props.  We both agreed that one of the photos might be the best one we've ever seen from the booth.  Check out the one of the guy with glasses and a mustache.  Awesome.

It was such a treat to hang out with this local couple in our lovely Portland. Jasmine and Christian, I hope to see you guys out and about soon!

How they met, in Jasmine's words:
Christian and I meet while I we were both in high school. I was 14 and he was 17 (different towns near each other). We kept friends in common and would see each other occasionally after he had gone away to college in Boston at Museum of Fine Arts. A few years later I began college next door at Massachusetts College of Art. We began hanging out almost every weekend and our friendship grew stronger as did our great group of friends and memories.

Shortly after college I moved Oakland, California, for a few years and while I was home visiting during 4th of July, we decided to try US. Six months later Christian was living with me in San Francisco and the rest is history.

After a four year stop in Brooklyn we have made our way to Maine. Both of us wanted to leave the city and be closer to our families (mine in Massachusetts and his a mix of Massachusetts and central Maine). Most of our guests are coming from out of town and are either family or dear friends that we have know mutually for over a decade now. We are so excited to have them all in one place and are planning our wedding a celebration of us and a big THANK YOU to them!

We have chosen our location so that our guests can get a taste of how amazing Portland is and see a bit of our new life. We love the history and character of the Portland Company and feel it's a great reflection of Portland.

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